“Woke Babysitting” Service Offers Childcare for Social Justice Warriors

What’s a modern protester to do?

At a moment’s notice, one might be required to drop everything and march, set something on fire, or block traffic. Maybe scream nonsensically. There’s a lot to be done, and not a lot of time to prepare. The problem? If said protester has kids, they can’t just be left alone as you run out the door. It’s a lot to balance.

Not to worry, activist parents! There’s a new service for parents in Northern Virginia for just such an eventuality: WokeBabysitting. It bills itself as “an activism babysitting community for the NoVa area.”

“Woke” is of the most popular buzzwords for today’s discerning social justice warrior, meaning that one is aware of the current goings-on (meaning, usually, racism or other social injustice). It’s grammatically untenable, but it’s probably offensive to point that out. “Woke” it is.

From the babysitting website:

Have you ever been prevented from attending a rally, protest, or emergency call to action by the lack of a babysitter?

Woke Babysitting wants to help.

In our current political climate, where lawyers, legal observers, and activists may be called upon for urgent action, Woke Babysitting wants to connect activists in need to nearby parents and childcare providers willing to volunteer babysitting time to the cause. Please click the below links to join or access our registry of willing babysitting volunteers.

“Prevented” from attending a protest? Does being unable to go to an event necessarily equate being prevented from attending, or is there some dark patriarchy at work keeping people at home with their children? It’s hard to say. However, the solution is here, and it’s free. The cost of a babysitter doesn’t need to be taken into account when using Woke Babysitting, because these babysitters are volunteering their time. While it is certainly commendable to support the act of protesting by giving their time, I find it hard to understand how any self-respecting activist could take a babysitter up on such an offer. After all, shouldn’t they be making at least the $15-an-hour minimum wage activists are demanding for fast food workers? Isn’t this a form of exploitation? (And let’s not even get into the issue of whether or not these volunteer babysitters are qualified to watch children).

There is, of course, another option, and one that all too many people take—that of bringing their children with them to protest. Seeing as how recent “protests” have quickly devolved into riots, one can hardly blame a parent for wanting to leave the little ones safely at home. It’s better than putting them in danger or using them as a political prop, like the so-called “wokebaby.

If you happen to be a conservative eager to protest something, don’t bother calling on Woke Babysitting; the group makes clear that it is an “activism-oriented” babysitting community geared toward left-leaning causes.

Which prompts the question: Are these really the people you want watching your children? As one Northern Virginia mom told me, “If I wanted to indoctrinate my kids, I would send them to public school.” Alas, even there, the teachers may just be too woke to show up either.



12 responses to ““Woke Babysitting” Service Offers Childcare for Social Justice Warriors

  1. The liberal left is using the term “Woke” as their rally cry. Are they ignorant of history or are they trying to emulate that last political party use this also as a rally cry–the Nationalist Socialist Party, aka, “the Nazis” used Deutschland erwache on their banners.

  2. Hmmm, might be a good place to have Child Protective Service swarm in and seize the little rug rats and protect them from their abusive parents. Keep them busy in court trying to get their kiddies back rather than on the streets making a mess.

  3. These people are seriously wack. But usually they take their kids to torment them and use them for props.

  4. 1. The track record of pink diaper babies suggests that indoctrination can have the opposite effect.

    2. You would think that Soros would put up some cash for this rather than relying on exploited volunteers.

  5. Why not have a MAGA hat wearing person come in for the “service,” be denied, and then get $135,000?

  6. We actually use this in our church for the child-care that we offer during worship services, or volunteer aid services or other such things through the church. It, too, is by volunteers and at no cost to the parents.

    Of course, our “woke” is to the Scriptures of the Lord Jesus Christ, rather than the more contemporary social revolutionaries. But the offered babysitting services concept is the same.


    You want to attend a rally supporting a living wage or protesting the gender pay gap, so you use Woke Babysitting, where a woman will be babysitting your kids for free.

  8. A Christian couple loses their bakery due to not creating a cake for a lesbian couple, however, they can open a day care for leftist and that is ok? Someone ought to sue the daylights out of them. The problem with the right is we DO NOT CREATE PROBLEMS. Unfortunately, by not standing up: 1. God taken out of school 2. No prayer in school 3. etc.,etc., etc……and it won’t change until Jesus comes back at least that is what it is looking like. We live in Sodom & Gomorrah and NOBODY wants to admit it. Remember what happened to them?

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