Why the Left is Going After Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift

In today’s twisted media world, you can get shamed for doing nothing.

Take Lady Gaga, the pop superstar chosen to perform at Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show. Given her track record, fans knew anything was possible from her performance. It’s hard to forget that meat dress ensemble.

That also meant she might uncork yet another celebrity lecture against President Donald Trump. You know, like almost every celebrity has done for the past few months.

Only when we expected Lady Gaga to zig, she zagged.

The superstar belted out her hits, including the inclusive anthem “Born This Way.” She danced like only she can. She even soared through the air. Literally.

She didn’t get on a soapbox to pound Trump’s immigration policies. She . . . entertained.

That wasn’t enough for The Washington Post, which ran an article with the headline, “Lady Gaga calls herself a rebel, but at the Super Bowl she played it safe”

“With a forceful elegance, Beyoncé had set a precedent for what could be done on this stage—musically and politically. By comparison, Gaga whiffed.”

Deadline.com seemed almost weepy that the singer didn’t embrace a hard-left position, calling the show “mediocre.” The site’s comments section, hardly a bastion of conservative thought, strongly disagreed with the assessment. “So because she decided to include sports lovers who are there for the sports and not the politics, to allow people to enjoy the day for what it is and not what you think it should include, her performance was mediocre? Wow,” wrote one.

But Lady Gaga isn’t the only star to be shamed for not using their platform for more hard-left posturing.

Taylor Swift opted against appearing at last month’s Women’s March protesting newly inaugurated President Donald Trump. But Swift did share a positive Tweet on the subject: “So much love, pride, and respect for those who marched. I’m proud to be a woman today, and every day.”

Simple. Direct. Sweet. Just like her wholesome image. Who could object to that approach?

Try Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan and PopCrush, among other outlets. They pounded Swift for not appearing at the march in person, sometimes using Twitter “outrage” as their cudgel.

Others took a nastier approach.

The Daily Beast called Swift’s support “spineless feminism” and slammed her as our “most opportunistic celebrity.”

“. . .strangely enough, Swift has no interest in leaning in to her true potential; instead, she’s resolutely tried to preserve her public image as the sweet, romantic girl next door.”

What a monster!

A columnist for The Mercury News went so far as to attack her character for not marching:

“It could be that, as a rich and famous young celebrity—who has been that way since she was in her teens—she doesn’t mingle with those who feel victimized or upset with the way things are going. She probably can’t remember ever feeling like a second-class citizen, because she’s never been one. She doesn’t feel like no one’s listening because she’s Taylor Swift, celebrity.”

The hard-left hosts of The View were split on Swift’s stance. Sunny Hostin voiced her displeasure, saying the singer must embrace her platform and “use it for good.” But which good are we talking about here? Why should Swift be bullied into doing more than her conscience allowed on this point?

The media wants to shame those rare stars who keep their politics to themselves. It’s not enough that half of Hollywood rallied to Hillary Clinton’s side in a failed attempt to drag her campaign across the finish line.

Support for the left must be 100 percent, or you are suspect in Hollywood.

Esquire attempted to shame the likes of Swift, Tom Cruise and Mark Wahlberg last October for not revealing their political preferences:

“Maybe these artists are protecting their brand? F*** that! If their brand means to sacrifice the very values that make them human and a contributing member of this society, then they live a sad, hollow life.”

And when media outlets demand stars “get political,” they mean “support the Democrats.”

If Lady Gaga or Swift had snapped a selfie showing off s red Trump hat, the crush of excoriating articles would break the Internet.

In 2012, Swift told Time why she doesn’t get on a soapbox between songs.

“. . . I don’t talk about politics because it might influence other people. And I don’t think that I know enough yet in life to be telling people who to vote for.”

It might be the most mature statement uttered by a superstar in our modern age.

Americans are exhausted by every facet of their lives becoming politicized. Remember when the NFL was actually about football? Lady Gaga and Swift did us all a favor by refusing to participate in the latest star-studded protest meme, even if it meant a media-led flogging for not insulting half the country.

If only more celebrities would be so brave.


  • I don’t talk about politics because it might influence other people. And I don’t think that I know enough yet in life to be telling people who to vote for.

    Surprising modesty from a celebrity, though perhaps not so surprising from Taylor Swift. But the attacks on her and Lady Gaga are emblematic of the “everything is political” Left. As Leftist ideology is inherently totalitarian, there cannot be a Left that doesn’t try to politicize everything to the hilt. Ours is merely acting true to type.

  • Prospector

    GaGa and Brady made America great last night.

    • Dragblacker

      I’d think Gaga would have a long way to go before she’s out of the anti-West and in the pro-West camp, given her past contributions to art.

      • Professor X

        Yeah, but just shutting up and singing was a big step. Sad it’s come to that…

      • Sanctusfilius

        She has been an attention wh-re but as she matures, she has gotten more responsible. Look up her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at last year’s Super Bowl. When she sings the right song, she makes you forget politics.

  • unominous

    You will do what we demand, say what we demand, and think what we demand. Now where’s that script for the next “Hollywood vs the blacklist” movie?

  • Thalesourus

    Stars should get off of social media and run blogs instead. Hire 2 or 3 writers to make interesting posts, bring up new artists. Let them into your “private life” so to speak. Do stuff you can’t do on social media while also controlling the message while also not being subject to the group idiocy of mobs of literal twits.

  • Bradley Manning’s lover

    These leftist sewer rats still think this country wants it’s progressive pukes to lecture America on transgender bathrooms and “tolerance” so the middle class can keep getting hammered in order to support the 3rd world cultural rot flowing into this country will never get it. The 2018 midterms can’t get here soon enough so we can flush what is left of this decimated party into the septic tank of history..

  • papertiger0

    Minimum wage scribblers at the Wapo should watch their step.Gaga hasa gazillion bucks to buy an army. The crayola set pretending to be reporters only have security to the parking lot.

  • Roy_Lofquist

    I’m so proud to be a man today, and every day.

    • Bandit

      Spot on – I tell the b!tch3$ that every day

  • Joe

    I didn’t know anything about Lady Gaga’s music or her prior to the super bowl halftime show except that I saw the picture of her in the meat outfit protesting for peta a while back. So I thought – oh no here we go with the hating Trump thing. But I was blown away impressed – good singing voice with high-energy dancing, totally a classy act. Especially after last year seeing the big Beyoncé doing her black panther thug routine. Also with New England’s Brady and Belichick being unapologetic friends of Trump – it caused me not hate them so much this year!

  • “I don’t think I know enough yet in life to be telling people who to vote for.”

    Restraint. An awareness of one’s limits. The exercise of choice.

    That’s radical today. No wonder they want to burn her.

    • Whitney

      Totally stunned by the respect I feel for her. But I enjoy being surprised

  • Ted Craig

    “Esquire attempted to shame the likes of Swift, Tom Cruise and Mark Wahlberg last October for not revealing their political preferences:”

    And if they had and those preferences were to the right, what would have been the reaction then?

    • Jeff H ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ comic genius

      That’s their entire point: they want their victims to self-identify.

  • nueces:DeplorableBitterClinger

    I flirted with the Left way back when. But we had the Viet Nam war to be upset about and we had discovered mind altering drugs giving us ‘Doors of Perception ‘to open and of course we knew we knew it all. Really it was mostly hedonism to the hilt.

    Poor kids these days. They got nothin.

  • Newfiedog

    On the other hand, Trump’s election has led to Lena Dunham dropping some pounds. Cheaper than a gym membership!

    • m a


  • submandave

    “Lady Gaga calls herself a rebel, but at the Super Bowl she played it safe”

    No, Lady Gaga calls herself a professional entertainer, and at the Super Bowl she honored her contract of employment and entertained. I think the left hates the free market because it’s not always about them, but about the compromise deal that allows both parties to be satisfied with the exchange.

  • bashg

    Two things: 1) If Gaga is going to wear an outfit like that, she needs to get in shape (sexist, yes I know, too bad); 2) Gaga is not a good vocalist or performer. Without the “meat-dress”, etc, were would she be? At least Madonna could dance.

    • old guy

      Actually thought she was not bad in the outfit could have been a bit better but not bad. As to singing – Tony Bennett did an album with her by his choice, I think I will differ to his opinion not yours

    • Sanctusfilius

      If Gaga lowers her body fat percentage, she will lose her shapely curves and get the wiry dried tree branch look that Madonna has. Gaga is a trained classical vocalist and multiple instrument player and if you’ve heard play standards , she can hit notes that Madonna could never ever even attempt.

      I was never a fan of Gaga but I’ve have gained a whole new respect for the real Stefani Germanotta.

      • Ivar Ivarson

        I like calling grandma, “Maw’Donna” nowadays.

    • Denise Mikkelsen

      Uh, bashg – Her figure is perfect, “normal”, not anorexic, and even though she is not my style, she can truly dance AND sing. She is a trained classical vocalist – hello!

  • Margie Ryan

    The left has reached the point where they will no longer allow people to be themselves and be “who they want to be”; the left has decided who everyone must be and woe to those who do not conform!

  • Denise Mikkelsen

    The left is brain damaged – Unable to be fair, honest or reasonable. Good for her! sick of entertainers thinking they have the intelligence or capability of knowing truth if it hit them in the face!

  • Ivar Ivarson

    How gauche! An entertainer entertaining. Welcome.

  • James McEnanly

    When every other performer is becoming a political pundit, Lady Gags sticks with her chosen profession. That, in and of itself, is an act of rebellion.

  • PeterAS

    I went to the Esquire article just to check if the above quote is accurate. Because the combination of hyperbolic accusation with the gratuitous use of an obscene word made me question its authenticity. So, I can confirm that the quote is accurate, except that the original article spells out the word in question that starts with an “F.” And the tone of outrage in the rest of the article is just as elevated. What is absurd is not just that the author insists celebrities have an affirmative duty to speak out on the elections but that he also, apparently believes they could have turned the results around. As if just the right tweet from say, Kenny Chesney would have swung enough votes to close the gap in Wisconsin. This is self-parody at its finest.