Why are Modern Women Angry?

Does having too many choices, and too much freedom, contribute to intense dissatisfaction? Are modern people, particularly women, angry because our culture of self-affirmation and abundance has left them feeling unsatisfied?

That women are less happy today is not just anecdotal. In 2009 the US National Bureau of Economic Research found that since World War II, when women reported greater happiness than men, the difference in the twenty-first century had dropped to zero. The study’s authors, Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers of the University of Pennsylvania, found that in the U.S., women’s happiness had fallen “both absolutely and relatively to that of men.”

There’s also overwhelming anecdotal evidence for anyone who bothers to make basic observations. Talk to women from the Greatest Generation, or from the 1950s and early 1960s, and they generally seem rosier than their young feminist counterparts. My mother, eighty-five, is a sunny and sanguine person, despite living through the Great Depression and losing her mother when she was only fifteen. Barbara Bush, Betty White, ninety-something swing dancing wonder Jean Veloz—these women all had and have the qualities of serenity and contentment. They’re secure in themselves and happy about who they are.

By contrast, many modern women seem quick to express anger about their lives. Living in a world of unlimited choices and constant affirmation, they nonetheless seem resentful. Even celebrities aren’t immune: Pop star Madonna is richer than many small countries and is absolutely free to do, say, and wear (or not wear) anything she wants to. Yet when fans have the audacity to be upset that she’s an hour late for a show, as she was recently, she launches into a tirade. American women live in the freest, most open-minded country on earth, yet seem bitter and disappointed.

Consider the disposition of Casey Wilson, who has just written about her anger issues for Lenny, Lena Dunham’s online magazine. Wilson, an actress, writes about her many years of rage. She’s “thrown a Mountain Dew pager out the window of my boyfriend’s car on the highway en route to Rehoboth Beach”; she’s “smashed my beloved bedazzled Sidekick into my dressing-room mirror at SNL and left a trail of crushed BlackBerrys in every shitty apartment complex in LA”; she’s “thrown my iPhone only once, in a tequila-fueled moment (but between us, I knew I had an upgrade coming).”

In the midst of these meltdowns Wilson had what junkies (and anger addicts) call “a moment of clarity”:

My mom was the president of the National Women’s Political Caucus (an organization devoted to getting women elected) for the first several years of my life. I wonder if growing up with a mother who was so angry at the state of things she wore a pro-choice sticker while eight months pregnant with me played a role. She raised me to believe I could be anything I wanted to be. Which was liberating and wonderful. But perhaps this combination had me feeling a little too free to be me. I had become a subway ad: if I saw something, I said something. It wasn’t a good look, but no amount of therapy or meditation (my mantra made me EVEN. ANGRIER.) or astrology retreats (I’m a Scorpio) seemed to help with this particular issue. I couldn’t get a handle on it.

Wilson has put her finger on what is called “the paradox of progress.” The more we make giant advances in science, communications, medicine and technology, the more people complain. Free from starvation, we gripe about the quality of the organic food at our local restaurant. A hundred years ago polio was wiping out thousands of children in the United States; now teens become apoplectic if they have their iPhones taken away. My mother had a very rough childhood that included having to support her family while still a teenager. Now women who could be her granddaughters are demanding tax breaks for makeup.

The great social historian Christopher Lasch once wrote eloquently about the concept of “the ethic of limits,” which he described as follows: “For vast numbers of Americans, limits are a necessary and even desirable face of life—limits on human freedom, on human capacities, on the power of reason to eradicate everything that is mysterious in the universe.” Lasch contrasted the people who live with limits—those who spend their lives working, raising kids, and living their lives “a long way from the center of metropolitan culture”—with a “New Class” of elites that pursues a “heady vision of unlimited possibilities” and “views life as an experiment.” Lasch believed that the people who accepted the reality of limits ended up living more hopeful lives. As today’s generation of self-styled feminist women suggests, limitless freedom has not brought the happiness they assumed it would, and as they confront life’s realities, anger is replacing hope.



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  1. Yes, modern women are absolutely infuriated that they are allowed to vote and be autonomous persons. We should definitely reverse all that and go back to the ancient Greek format where women needed permission from their husbands to walk five feet away from the house. That would make everyone happy. Go progression!

    1. That’s not at all what this article is saying. PLEEASSSEEE!! A lot of the unhappiness comes from stress or not being able to juggle it all.

    2. Cool non sequitur. Did you actually read the article? Your comment seems so divorced from any of the content therein it is difficult to tell.

        1. Hmm. My reply was to the “Yes, modern women are ….” I apologize for reading anger for snark. I live in Portland, Oregon where the chief means of communication is via snark so I’m usually quick to recognize it when I see it.

          Anyway, go QLG!

    3. Face it: women are responsible for the Kardashians. That ALONE is proof-positive they shouldn’t be given the vote.

      1. And by that logic men are responsible for Justin Bieber, Nickelback, Adolf Hitler and even Satan (if you want to get technical about it).

    4. Hey babe. Look at your picture. You even call yourself a queen. But I bet you rail against any man who has the audacity to even behave like a King.

      Good luck to any man in your life.

    5. Out of all that, that’s what you got?

      Thanks for being example number 1 of the problem the author really described.

    6. We should definitely reverse all that and go back to the ancient Greek
      format where women needed permission from their husbands to walk five
      feet away from the house.

      I think you’re a little confused; you’re actually referring to modern day Saudi Arabia (actually, most of the Middle East — Israel excepted). Y’know, those countries that worship the “C” in your “Co-Exist” bumper sticker. Get a clue, Queenie.

      1. 1. I don’t have one of those stickers and I don’t espouse those values; neither does my comment or this article.
        2. My comment is about reverting back to times that, y’know, kind of sucked. Therefore I used an ancient example.
        3. I don’t think I’m the one who needs to get a clue, given the absolutely ravenous response to my simple comment. Guess reversion isn’t all that far away.

  2. It’s a good article asking a couple of questions that need asking. Moreover, the blessing of limitations is up for discussion. Thanks for putting this put there.

  3. “Why don’t you buy her a pet? Women are crazy about pets.”

    “Women are just crazy. Pets have nothing to do with it.”

    –W.C. Fields in
    “You’re Telling Me”

  4. It all started with a little thing they call the 19th Amendment. Time to repeal it. Everyone, men and women, will be happier for it.

  5. They need to be kept angry in order to keep their mass movement together. I recommend reading Eric Hoffer on the nature of mass movements.

  6. This woman sounds like every young man’s nightmare – the crazy girlfriend. Run!

  7. They’re not angry….they petulant, petty and spoiled. They’re unappreciated of the opportunities they now have and willingly ignoring real challenges faced by past women and other women in the world because it doesn’t fit their narratives. For all these “studies groups”, it’s easier and makes them feel better about themselves. Plus, after a while, other’s stop listening or caring at these supposed slights, and like any irrational tantrum, sometimes they just stomp and scream louder.

    1. Yes, like worrying about some one wearing a dream catcher in her hair.
      While saying NOTHING about women being enslaved in Islamic countries.

  8. Yes there are limits — I want to fly! But gravity oppresses me, and is suppressing my true desires. The Earth sucks…

    And of course, what kind of good man would want to spend their lives with a woman who is enraged so easily, and so often? Not many — which is a daily rage trigger whenever a non-married woman thinks of it.

    Related to limits is tradeoffs. One cannot “have it all” at the same time — not both the comfort and ease of sleeping in as well as the exhilaration of accomplishment after hard effort, not in the same morning. One can choose one for one morning, and the other for another morning. But life is limited to about 28,000 mornings.

    Life has limits, and each choice to do includes many choices of not do (at this time).

    1. You should try to sue gravity. It’s oppressing all of us really. I want to be able to fly like Superman. But it’s all gravity’s fault that I can’t.

  9. I’m convinced there are two things that make people happy, being of service to others and gratefulness. These are obviously lacking in this group. The focus has always been inward.

    1. Living for just yourself is a recipe for unhappiness. I’ve tried to explain this to women I’ve known for 40 years… they don’t get it.

    2. “I’m convinced there are two things that make people happy, being of service to others and gratefulness. These are obviously lacking in this group. The focus has always been inward.”

      Ain’t that the truth, Ruth!

  10. Those old women are happy because they made the sacrifices to have children. It wasn’t easy at all for them. A tough and often thankless slog back then to raise kids but it was an investment that paid off in their old age. Modern women have been indoctrinated with the lie that happiness is found in career work. Instead of competing to find a good man and raise several children they compete for cubicle space at Encorpera where they can display their travel photos.

    They were lied to because the feminist busybodies who can’t stand it that attractive young women have better romantic opportunities than them decided women should ape men in every important life choice. The media and its product advertisers played along because giving women even more disposable income meant increased revenues.

    It doesn’t have to be that way. There’s an alternative path that the feminists don’t know about because they have no practical life experience in the work force other than warming chairs at universities.

    It’s this : you can always get a damn job. You can have kids while young and have that fabulous career later in life after your children are grown. Feminists should be advocating greater career opportunities for older people instead of demanding all young women embark on soul and ovary-crushing careers.

    I provide a roadmap in this essay that every young women should read when making those crucial early life decisions :

    Girls! The Work-Life Balance Plan the Feminists Don’t Want You to Know



  11. Well it is because thwey look like Gorrillas compared with ASIAN women and they are ignorant.

  12. Well, yes. Because there ARE in fact limits, very powerful limits, on the human condition. Anyone raised with the idea that they can be anything, do anything, has been lied to. People that have been lied to get angry, even if they don’t consciously recognize the lie.

    Additionally, anyone who has been taught that life is about the self, that it’s about you, about your

    “self-actualization”, that doing what YOU want is what’s going to make you happy, has been lied to. Talk to people who really are happy. Not superficially happy, but deeply happy. Read their books (they have existed throughout history). Not a one of them talks about me, me, me, or self-actualization. They all talk about others. Funny, that.

    Many Western women are miserable (and hence angry) because they have been sold a bill of goods: that denying their womanhood, selling it out to be a poor imitation of a man (and meanwhile trying to turn men into a poor imitation of women), would make them happy. It would be immensely laughable if it weren’t so tragic. For all of us.

  13. On Star Trek, when a person obtained absolute unlimited and total power, they always went nuts and had to be destroyed if aliens didn’t step in, deus ex machina. Charlie X had to go back and live with the Thasians because he would never learn to limit the use of his powers. Gary Mitchell had to be killed on Delta Vega because he acted like he thought he was a supreme being. Now, women have obtained absolute and total and unaccountable power and they use that power to murder their own babies and to otherwise destroy their households and relationships. Absolute power has corrupted them absolutely. For one thing, women assumed that men had been running around with absolute unaccountable power and that was never the case. Men always had limits on the exercise of their power. Women have at least as much need for limits on their power, for the same reasons.

    1. This is an important point: “For one thing, women assumed that men had been running around with absolute unaccountable power and that was never the case.”

      Women wanted everything men had, thinking what men had was some kind of patriarchy party. In reality, what men have always had was obligations. Imagine crashing what looks like a party, only to find, when you get through the gate, that most of the people inside were not guests, they were caterers, and now, you’re a caterer too.

      1. Your point is even more important there. Men have obligations and duties, and only had some power that was necessary to fulfill those obligations and perform those duties. A man had to rule his household and had the right to discipline the members, but, if he didn’t the job well, HE was civilly and criminally liable for whatever tort or crime anyone of his house committed.

  14. The answer is simple – modern women are angry, because their anger is rewarded. Female anger typically functions as a demand that a man fix whatever is angering her.

    1. “as a demand that a man fix whatever is angering her”
      But when he fixes it, SHE is even more angered because he didn’t fix it the WAY she wanted it fixed, but SHE REFUSED to tell him ANYTHING because he should just KNOW.

      1. I say, let’s stop actually fix things them. Let’s walk away from all the jobs that maintain their freedoms and luxuries. Looking at how fast women are trying to make something of themselves in Congress, I’m sure they’ll be able to pick up the pieces left by men’s absence.

  15. Well then, let them eat cake!
    I’m not seeing Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” being offered in high school, or college curricula.
    How is it that folks with so much(relative, I know), can evolve their “high maintenance” expectations, with each and every “progressive” step bestowed upon them., when they have little to offer in return at ALL.
    I say: Remember ladies, CATS,
    No, not the Broadway show, with an astonishingly overpriced dinner, a carriage ride, and a night at The Pierre.
    Cats: The OTHER white meat. (hat tip to Alf)

  16. Women don’t compare themselves to “men in general”, they compare themselves to the elite 5% of men, and complain that they don’t have all that. Ever hear them demanding equal women mechanics, dry wall hangers, septic tank pumpers? They want parity on elite white collar jobs while their biology demands they become mothers instead of putting in the time it takes to attain those jobs. And the feminists are always there telling them they’ll only be fulfilled when they’re working 80 hour weeks instead of having kids. I’ve never known a woman happy in the corporate workaholic role. I have seen EVERY woman in my life blossom into joy in a motherhood role.

    1. They definitely don’t mind constantly looking down their noses at lower classes of men, men who actually make it possible for them to live so easily and freely.

      1. Yes, all women have this bizarre delusion that they’re ‘superior’ somehow. How they come about that, I have no idea. 99.999% of women have no skills, less than average intelligence, ignorant of everything, they DO nothing and contribute nothing.

        They’re lazy, entitled, spiteful and American women don’t even have charming personalities. American women have become useless feeders. They’re below feces. THEY are the ones who need to be looked down on.

  17. Well, when people constantly tell you that you’re a victim it is kind of natural to get angry at whoever is victimizing you.
    The whole feminism/women’s studies ‘preaching’ things like the ‘wage gap’, ‘all men are rapists’ the oppression of ‘the patriarchy’ certainly gave women a lot of things to be angry about.

    1. And this hate-mongering BS has lead to the belief that Father’s Day needs to die because it supports “the patriarchy.”

  18. The older women mentioned had a happier outlook because they had seen and experienced truly horrible events that women today have no clue about. Anyone who survived the depression, live through WW2 seeing their family, friends and neighbors killed and wounded by the thousand would realize that compared to those times things are not so bad and it shows.

    1. They didn’t have to witness horrible events to grow a spine, but to a far greater extent, they took their lives seriously, and were better students of human nature.

  19. There’s Feminism of Equality and then there’s the marxist ghetto of Feminism where every woman is angry and seeking revenge. It’s the difference between the strength of confidence and the insanity of endless rage.

    1. You know what’s sad? I’m currently dating a woman who represents the Marxist ghetto group.

  20. Let’s be honest. Feminism WANTS women angry. If you’re a woman and you’re NOT angry, you are a) stupid or b) not checking your privilege enough or c) you’ve introjected patriarchy. No matter what your reason for being happy, your happiness betrays feminism and indeed all women everywhere.

  21. Some people (ahem) aren’t happy unless they’re miserable. It makes them feel relevant.

  22. Women age like milk; and what else but angry can they be when they’re finally thrown off the carousel in their 30s, can’t find a man to put up with their BS, and end up spending the rest of their lives with 4 cats.

  23. IMHO it’s a problem of over-affirmation. Girls are told relentlessly as they grow they can be ANYTHING, doctors, scientists, astronauts. (Boys are apparently supposed to just believe in themselves automatically). Then, after this constant deluge of how special they are and what high achievers they can — and, by implication, WILL — be, they are faced with a reality in which the vast majority of them are merely roughly average. From Great Expectations, they awaken to find themselves, as men did before (and for) them, locked into unfulfilling, stressful jobs with little time for family, friends, or other socializing (and socializing is more important to women than men overall).
    Unable to reconcile this harsh reality or their perfectly normal outcomes with the lifetime of programming and propaganda they received, they obviously must find some other cause of their mediocrity. From that comes modern Feminism. Not a search for equality, but a search for a scapegoat. And for the power to force the outcome they were promised for all these year, and Goddess damn the poor male who tries to avoid paying to make that outcome happen.

    1. Not to mention that girls and women can look around with their own two eyes and see that women accomplish next to nothing. Women don’t even have the DRIVE to invent the quantum computer or build the next Golden Gate Bridge. Women’s most deep desire is to be dominated over and have BABIES. That’s it. But today in the U.S. dominating over a woman and telling her what to do is ‘abuse’ and illegal. So thanks to Feminism no one is happy.

  24. “Why are Modern Women Angry?”

    Because they’ve been told from birth that they could have it all is it wasn’t for the evil patriarchy.

  25. It’s not abundance that’s the problem. It is possible to be either content or miserable at most any level of income above starvation. It’s a lack of gratitude brought on by narcissism. If you refuse to accept anything greater than yourself – be that God, or country, or family or whatever – then you will be genuinely disappointed anytime the universe doesn’t revolve around you. Which is always.

    1. Don’t forget most women today are extremely promiscuous and are being f*cked and chucked every night by a different guy. Feminism tells them it’s ’empowering.’ But it’s against women’s nature and it doesn’t take long for the resentment to start creeping in that they’re just being used as human toilets and discarded.

      The only time a woman is happy is when she has a man telling her what to do, just like you see in more than half of countries in the world where there is still a traditional society where men are in charge and women do as they’re told. American women laugh at that notion, then go home alone and sit and be miserable, dead and empty.

  26. I think part of it stems from the fact that minorities today, including women, are not expected to work for their success but instead are given what essentially amount to participation trophies in the name of “fairness”. When someone has to struggle and scrape by, they feel proud of their accomplishments whereas there is no satisfaction to be derived from unearned success, and this can, I suspect, lead to feelings of bitterness, resentment, and regret.

    1. Lol Yes, when the only reason you’re hired is because of Affirmative Action, everyone knows you’re unqualified and is laughing at you, no one takes you seriously and has no respect for you.

      Women should have never been given an artificial prop to stand on like that, they instead need to learn to work hard like a man and EARN everything in life like a man if they want to be men and that is what Feminism is; jealousy of men and wanting to BE men.

      Women aren’t a minority. They’re a MAJORITY. They are more than half the population.

  27. I think young women have been told that if they look angry , and post cranky FB statements, they will be taken seriously. Many young people think their emotions and intentions matter more than their actions. They all have reasons, but few results.

    1. No, we don’t take them seriously, we avoid them and ignore them and don’t HIRE THEM. Nor do we date them. Go ahead, walk around looking angry and stay losers, I don’t care.

  28. It’s no coincidence that the temptations modern feminism offers to women mirror the temptations the devil offered to Christ after his 40 days of fasting in the desert.

      1. You have had equal pay for equal work since the 60s. If you want equal pay for less work you and do one love.

  29. We also live in a ‘grievance based culture’, where one’s perceived virtue is tied to how much one has to complain about, and if you are happy, it means you are privileged and therefore evil. Women have always taken cultural cues about moral representation more to heart, and I think this is really a big part of modern dissatisfaction — being oppressed makes us feel less evil.

    1. Jon, That is a perspective that I had not contemplated. It must be church based in its origins. My Ex went to church 5-7 times per week. We lived off an engineers pay and were better off that 90% of the parishioners. In her mind she was never satisfied with her material possessions.

  30. The article is about angry women while the comments are by angry men. Just brilliant! 😀

    1. men aren’t as angry as they are wary. that distinction is a difficult construct for some women to fully comprehend.

      i just read every post up to this point and your assertion is false. the men posting here are actually laughing at the female posters and not really very angry at all.

      some use better diction than others and some use better sentence structure than others but the message is clear: the prize is not worth the price and that falls on women to understand the full ramifications going forward.

      it’s true that men are slower to pick up the machinations of women than the opposite but eventually, most men learn those lessons of life. on aggregate younger men are the pray, older men are more in control of their ‘juices’ and harder to manipulate. again, on aggregate.

  31. No wonder you’re angry.
    You’ve been brainwashed your entire life about the “patriarchy” myth, taught by feminist media and education to hate half of the population for no good reason.
    Having children is biology, not patriarchy and you have the choice to take it or leave it.

  32. “As a modern woman, I’m angry because my whole life I’ve lived under the thumb of the patriarchy.”

    Hahahahahaahahahahhahahaha we have a nut job over here lads…. sorry the correct label is feminist.

  33. Without the ‘Patriarchy’ you would be living in a MUD HUT eating berries and sh*tting in the woods. Men invent, build, maintain and repair the entire world that women contribute virtually nothing to and only sh*t, eat and shop in. All the work that keeps this first world going behind the scenes that you don’t even know or care about is done by 99% MEN.

    You should be dropping down to your knees and kissing our feet in appreciation, but you’re a female and incapable of appreciation, all you know how to do is complain. Women in Western countries are THE most pampered people in HUMAN HISTORY. And you are so stupid and ungrateful you appreciate none of it. Pathetic. And the idea your more intelligent than men? You’ve been fed that all your life because it’s the opposite; the same way blacks are molly coddled and handicapped people told they’re ‘handi-capable.’

    There are BILLIONS of people in the world living without running water and no food, without the opportunity to live in the presence of WHITE MEN who provide a first world environment who would trade their right arm to be in your shoes, A-hole. The reason you’re so miserable is because you need a man telling you what to do.

    That’s why women were so happy during the 50s and all before; women on their own accomplish nothing, do nothing and don’t know what to do, have zero imagination and just turn into wh*res and transient losers. You’re hopelessly lost without the direction and orders from a man and serving a man. That’s what nature created you do and you’re not doing it, thus why you’re so miserable.

    1. “And the idea your more intelligent…”
      Are you married, by chance?

          1. We’re talking about what men have done for you, idiot, not anyone’s marital status. Are you retarded?

          2. I have a live in girlfriend who if treads too far out of line will find herself without me. I know my value as does she. Besides that point, you had nothing better to add or disect from my comment. I really do feel sorry for you and your confused version of reality. Best of luck and I honestly hope you figure out the road you are walking does not lead to a happy and fulfilling life.

      1. Lol ‘Compelling argument.’ Nothing but petty nit picking over a typo. Which encapsulates your thinking perfectly- you care nothing for what is actually important, which is why you’re a failure in life, like the typical American female today.

      2. That’s typical female analysis for you; avoiding the argument to focus on an insignificant grammatical error. No wonder talking to a female is largely a waste of time.
        By the way, I fail to see what Jeff Bridges marital state has to do with anything.

    2. It is rather revealing that millions of women made 50 Shades and its successors huge bestsellers.

      By definition, it tapped into something these women want.

  34. Because they are spoiled and entitled princesses who both overestimate their own capabilities and underestimate the amount of hard work, dedication and discipline it takes to succeed on one’s own merits, i.e., without perks and handouts!

    Moreover, they reward selfishness, carry an attitude of superiority and have no comprehension whatsoever of what genuine struggle looks like. And why would they, given that they have received automatic affirmation and praise all their lives?

    Last but most importantly, they NEVER LEARN. Many women seem to spend their entire lives repeating the same cycles of ignorance and debauchery over and over again, all while they look to the government to cure their woes.

    Not all women are like this, but I wholeheartedly believe that the vast majority are!

    H/T @ the #MGTOW Reddit for directing me here.

    1. I have to agree with Mr. Saxena. Women are angry because they feel entitled to a life of materialistic pleasures that only exists in commercials. Women that lack hygiene and respect for themselves feel they are entitled to marry wealthy supermodel men. Their idealistic lives are always out of their reach and that pisses them off.

  35. Boo Fuc…g hoo! You’ll never be more than a spineless victim because that’s how you paint yourself. No sympathy, no support. Grow up. Take control or just STFU.

  36. Be serious – you are part of the most over privileged generation of women in western history. You were told you could do or be anything since before you could walk. You were told you could “Have It All”. Most importantly, you were told you deserved it just for being born female and that the world owes you. What the f..k have you possibly got to be angry about? Get off your high horse and try living a life without female privilege for one day. I doubt you would last that long.

  37. everyone becomes angry if he was lied to…. and darn they are lied to every day…

    from “you are beautiful” to “you are smart” and “you can do everything”…. from “work will empower you” to “you do not need men”…

    everything was a lie

    you are beautiful only if someone else sees you that way…
    you are smart only if you prove yourself to be…
    you cannot do everything, no one can
    work will empower you only if it can provide you will a proper income, if not is just a slave work
    women and men not only need each other, but they are indispensable to each other

    for now, some women, believe in lies
    and guide their entire life on those believes
    they will fail, they will think that they must try harder or that “someone must be oppressing them”….

    in the end they will talk with a man
    and ask him… how come she does not have it all… how come job suck, how come she is tired, how come she is sick, why she is not happy

    and why… why men are happy…

    the man will reply
    we learned early to fake it and never complain

  38. Life’s too short to date a feminist.

    Because this is what you’re in for if you do…

  39. Waking up in the morning to the BRF (search the Urban Dictionary for it) would drive me nuts.

    Look at the accompanying photo
    1. eyes of different size
    2. eyes of different shape
    3. eyebrows different
    4. manjaw
    5. mouth not level in face

  40. Funny, I’m a woman born and raised in the United States, and I can’t identify with anything you said. Most of it sounds like you’ve taken radfem messages and incorporated them into your own narrative.

    I was never told that I was lesser OR weaker. I was never told to hide or cover up my body. I was told that I could do anything I wanted when I grew up, and that children/family were optional.

    I don’t have any friends who feel the way you describe, but I HAVE read those sentiments in the writings of radfem theorists.

    I was raised in Texas. I’m 34.

    It’s very difficult for me to believe that you could be my age or younger and have truly experienced any of this.

    Are you sure what you’re calling “woke up” isn’t just code for “became indoctrinated with the extremist views of others”?

    PS – You can travel to Saudi Arabia, it’s perfectly safe. I’ve worked there a few years ago for my company. Please go there and contemplate your upbringing again. They really DO have to hide and cover their body. They really DO have limited options for careers and lifestyles. They really really do have patriarchy. Something tells me you’ve never seen real patriarchy and assume you’re terribly oppressed because someone told you so. But I can’t relate, as a woman or as a (still fairly) young American…and I can’t think of any friends or family who would agree with your idea of life for women in modern America.

    1. Just wondering if I could message you for some help/advice regarding drug testing, saw a comment you wrote dismissing an article about how to pass a drug test and was wondering if I could pick your brains, in order to help me out!

  41. I’ll assume that was just satire, because I find it hard to believe that anybody is really that dumb.

    1. You don’t have to be drunk to realize her feelings are embraced in mass by women in the United States.

  42. Who are stuck in gender roles?
    Feminists opposed shared parenting.
    Feminists opposed selective service for women. For men it’s fine.

  43. My believe is all people have always been angry. Women express themselves about it at a greater intensity these days.

    1. I don’t think so. Some people have always been mad but not the majority. People are mad now because they are told “you can have it all”. Then when they realize they will never have it all they get mad.

  44. It is a sad truth but you are right. Feminist are at work round the clock inflaming women. As soon as one thing is done they make up another. If all legitimate issues are fixed they will make up something. They need a reason to exist and without anger the reason will vanish.

  45. I see why women wanted the right to vote but why would anyone want to slave in a 9-5 job is beyond me. Who in their right mind wants to compete for work? What is the benefit? Stress, putting up with traffic, dealing with nasty bosses and so on.

  46. Who is this patriarch that is ruling women? I don’t have much power and nor do any men I know. We work everyday and often on the weekends. Who does all this rape you are talking about? Guys go to work and come home. Most of them are either with a partner or have no interest. They don’t go out to find someone to force themselves on. There is way too much blame on “men”. A whole half of world is demonized and now getting sick of it.

  47. they are angry because the Corporations, Oprah, Hollywood, and the Main stream media have told them they can have it all. Do you know how many women I have seen over the years that have had the life beat out of them by competing against men at work? Tons. Ladies I am telling you now, do not listen to anybody anymore. Men were made to be the mule and work horses not you. The reason you are tired, angry and frustrated is because you are totally out of balance with your feminine, the way God made women. When you engage in masculine work, fighting all day with clients, customers, and whoever else, you are doing masculine duties and this is offsetting your balance as a women. You should be embracing the feminine. If short, you are just not made for this over a long period of time.
    Yet from day one the modern feminist’s, controlled by the elites and NWO corporations, are telling you to get a career over a family…more and more women are drinking the kool-aid and are ending up miserable, childless, too tired to find a quality man in their life, and just succumb to surrounding themselves with animals(who is really rescuing who?)
    I have seen so many beautiful feminine young women start off in our company, as the years go by they decide to focus on their careers instead of a family, it has been a horror show to watch these beautiful feminine women adopt masculine traits, become tired, burned out, lose their looks, and just get more medical problems as a result. This IS the #1 cause of ladies being angry and do not let anybody tell you otherwise.
    The good news is it is never too late. There are tons of men out there who will gladly provide for a respectable feminine appreciative women. Give the middle finger to your company, forget about excessive consumerism(keeping up with the Jones’s) cut way back on your work and embrace your feminine side. Start working out, grow your hair long, wear heels and dresses often and smile. I guarantee you 100% if you do these things, you will be happier and be more fulfilled as a person. Best of luck to you and stop listening to horror wood, social media, politically correctness in ANY form, the main stream media, The have used you and you have become their slave. Time to break free…

    1. My experiences are different. I have known women that were stay at home mothers with successful husbands with all the amenities that one could ask for. Still they were angry and unsatiated. I can not begin to understand this life of anger, envy, and materialism fueled resentment. Just look at todays divorce rates.

      1. Maybe the problem is men trying to please their wives way too much, put them too much on a pedestal. Respecting, caring and loving a women is not to put her on a pedestal but to see her as an equal. Now when you put people on a pedestal they often end up looking down at you and losing respect. When you put people on a pedestal it looks like you try to “buy” their love and respect instead of earning it.

          1. Perhaps a musical talent like playing the guitar would sooth the anger from the ladies?

        1. NPD?
          What does that mean?
          1-Nose Pickers Digits?
          2-No Police Department?
          3-No Pontoons Developed?
          Oh Yeah, I could go on. It seems that acronyms are a dime a dozen.
          The Skeptic has failed to communicate his thoughts clearly.
          I haven’t a clue what, “NPD” stands for.

    2. I agree wholeheartedly. It seems even in just the last 25 years or less women are wanting to compete with men for the “good” life. Good? It’s tough out there much less just surviving. I’m not saying women shouldn’t be successful but men and women have always been different in all facets of “being”. A lot of pressure on the ladies or women to excel beyond “the Joneses”. Materialistic desires on both sides keeps us out of touch with life.

  48. Maybe they’re not more angry maybe we just notice it more. Because frankly if women ever ran out things to complain about they’d complain about that. Every single article about why women are unhappy or THAT women are unhappy boil down to one point ‘it’s someone else’s fault’ which is what paranoids and sociopaths say.

  49. It starts at sexual selection, or rather a lack thereof. I see a lot of women who look more like men these days, and the men are looking like women. This is because men have the mentality of “taking what you can get”, and women have the mentality of “who has the money?”, and all the important things like brains, ability, and genetics in general go right out the window at procreation. All the nice clothes and tattooes are to cover up the ugly and untalented.

  50. It’s sad really. As a divorced father and trying to find love again I encounter women like this daily. I’ve given up.

  51. Who cares why? It’s like saying bears are mammals. Women are angry because socially they’re 17 and emotionally they’re 7

  52. “My life isn’t turning out the way I wanted it to, and it’s all YOUR (a man’s) fault!”

    Women have been told for two generations that they can be CEOs, and when they find that the world is a pretty tough place, they have a convenient scapegoat: men.

  53. The road to success is paved with sacrifice, and women are really, really ticked off about that. It all looked so easy when the men did it.

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