Why the Left Declared Open Season on Trump’s Children

No clear-thinking conservative attacked Barack and Michelle Obama’s children over the last eight years. Sasha and (until recently) Malia Obama are just teens, and no matter how nasty politics gets, for the most part decent people (and the media) go out of their way not to make the children of politicians the story.

Or at least, they do if the politician is a Democrat.

Consider what Rosie O’Donnell recently said about Barron Trump, the youngest child of President-Elect Donald Trump. The cantankerous comic, who joined and left “The View” not once, but twice, sent an outrageous Tweet about the ten-year-old boy:

“Barron Trump Autistic?” she tweeted. “If so—what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic.” O’Donnell’s tweet featured a link to a video analyzing the boy’s behavior. The clip speculated that the boy’s movements suggested he suffered from a form of autism.

Raising awareness for a condition by “outing” a child who doesn’t even necessarily have that condition is beyond the pale. Celebrities occasionally do raise awareness for important causes, but it’s done proactively by adults who understand the consequences. Take Michael J. Fox, for example, who has used his own experience of Parkinson’s disease as a platform to raise awareness about the condition and raise money for research for a cure.

Barron Trump is a child who didn’t sign up to be a role model.

Although many people on social media erupted in anger over O’Donnell’s tweet, she offered only a weeks-late and grudging apology. There was no crush of op-eds decrying her comments. Her future job prospects will remain as they were before the tweet. We didn’t even hear from autism groups (many of whom have celebrity spokespeople) about O’Donnell’s behavior.

Why not? Because it was Donald Trump’s child caught in the cross hairs.

Even Trump’s grown children are now considered fair game for his critics. The #GrabYourWallet campaign aimed at Ivanka Trump hopes to succeed in getting stores to stop carrying her retail products, thus harming her business. As well, the Halt Action Group recently started an anti-Ivanka Instagram account that juxtaposes glamorous images of Ivanka with captions from people who are angry about her father’s election. “Dear Ivanka,” one caption reads, “I’m an American Muslim and I was attacked on the subway,” as if Ivanka was somehow personally responsible for this supposed attack.

Dear Ivanka, I’m an American Muslim and I was attacked on the subway

A photo posted by Halt Action Group (@dear_ivanka) on

Some people might argue that the adult children of presidents are fair game, especially if they campaign for their parents; if so, then why is it that Trump’s adult children have come under far greater scrutiny and attack than Chelsea Clinton, who has lived off of her parents’ largesse since they left the White House, and actively campaigned for her mother during both of Hillary’s failed presidential bids? The mainstream media writes puff pieces about Chelsea (and covered her wedding as if she was royalty—oh, wait, the New York Times actually declared that she is royalty); it was left to conservative media outlets to report on Chelsea’s misuse of Clinton Foundation funds and other ethical lapses, as well as her future plans to run for Congress.

This isn’t the first time the children of GOP politicians have been targeted, of course. Remember when Saturday Night Live aired a sketch mocking President George W. Bush’s daughters following his re-election? It depicted the duo as dimwitted party girls who questioned their own father’s worth as a leader. Later, when Mitt Romney ran for the Oval Office, SNL mocked his grown children as robotic and stiff.

No outrage ensued.

Although the media (properly) refrained from writing about the Obama children when they were still kids, Malia Obama is now an adult. She recently made headlines when a video surfaced of her smoking marijuana at a party which the cops eventually had to shut down. Why didn’t SNL jump on that story, as they did when the Bush daughters had some drunken adventures?

Perhaps the most outrageous attack on a GOP politician’s child came from Bill Maher. Here’s what the HBO star said in 2011 in an attempt to slam former Alaska Gov. (and Vice Presidential candidate) Sarah Palin:

“And when I point out that Sarah Palin is a vainglorious braggart, a liar, a whiner, a professional victim, a scold, a know-it-all, a chiseler, a bully who sells patriotism like a pimp, and the leader of a strange family of inbred weirdos straight out of The Hills Have Eyes, that’s not sexist. I’m saying it because it’s true, not because it’s true of a woman.”

For non-horror fans, The Hills Have Eyes features a mutant family that murders strangers for sport—and when Maher calls the Palins “inbred weirdos,” he’s including in that group the Palin’s youngest son, Trig, who was born with Down Syndrome. Imagine the outrage if it was a Democratic candidate’s special-needs child being maligned.

Mainstream media hypocrisy is nothing new, of course, but left-leaning pundits and journalists are setting a new low with their treatment of Donald Trump’s children. Disagree with Trump’s political views all you want to, but don’t attack his children. That’s not playing fair. That’s deplorable.


  • InklingBooks

    For years I’ve watched the misbehavior of our major media, hoping they’d finally get their comeuppance. With Election 2016, I think that has finally begun. Hillary outspent Trump over two to one and the media pulled out all the stops to elect her. Yet that was all for naught. She not only lost, she lost thanks to core Democratic constituencies deserting the party of their fathers and grandfathers.

    Years ago, reading about when Robert McNamera was at Ford, I realized something. McNamera was powerful enough that when he killed a project, it was dead. No one would ever see what it might have been and thus if his decision was wise or not.

    In many elections, the press has had a similar advantage. When they destroy someone during an election campaign, we never see what that person might have done in office. Trump has defied their efforts and won. We will now see what he will do in office. If he fails to conform to the media’s hysterical pronouncements, its credibility with be severely weakened. It’s roar will have become a squeak.

    • mike077

      What book was that?

      • E_Zach_Lee_Wright

        Dr. M. Scott Peck wrote this book in 1998. It discusses how evil exists and how some people choose to destroy others instead of examining their own character. It has a four star rating on several book sites.

  • PalaceGuard

    “Halt Action Group…” Ah, yes. The HAGs. Must be the political arm of The View.

  • mike077

    The only way to stop this is to fight fire with fire. This is not church. It’s not even a neighborhood. It’s politics, which means that its war. If your side refuses to “stoop” to the tactics of the other side, your side has sealed its defeat in advance.

    • rosetta_stoned

      Yep. Give it right back to them. Good and hard.
      Make them pay.

  • Quinn12

    The reason the left is attacking Trumps children is that they have proven during this campaign that they are low down dirty, evil,demented, anti-unborn, backstabbing, vicious, vindictive, liars about everything in life. They compose every trait that I consider despicable.

    • Including a pre-teen boy, I presume? And ironic you talk about “anti-unborn” when chelsea is the poster girl for pro-abortion leftists. In fact, none of the traits you list above are commonly associated with the Trump kids but are intrinsic to the clinton family.

      • Quinn12

        Not just the Clintons but the entire left what was addressed at the beginning of the sentence. Learn to read.

        • Learn to write. I have no idea what “Not just the Clintons but the entire left what was addressed at the beginning of the sentence.” is supposed to mean.

        • Art Metz

          I agree with Doc Weasel. I had no idea if “they” referred to “the left” (a singular noun) or “Trumps children” (a plural noun).

          • Quinn12

            The sentence starts with The reason the left……and you think the left is singular. What rock do you live under?

          • Art Metz

            “The left” is like “the Army” or “Congress”: a singular noun composed of many parts. In British usage, such nouns take a plural pronoun and verb (e.g., “Parliament are considering …”) In US English, such a noun takes a singular pronoun and verb form.

            I notice your attempt to resolve this dispute over language by insulting me. Allow me the same privilege. Go back to Remedial English in high school. Perhaps you will pass it this time. The question whether “it” refers to Remedial English or high school is left as an exercise for the reader.

          • Quinn12


          • Quinn12


          • Art Metz

            Faced by your overwhelming logic and eloquence, how can I anything but bow before your brilliance?

            Quinn12, may I infer that you chose that user name because you are 12 years old?

          • Quinn12

            Just insults and B S is all a liberal knows.

    • OldCountryBoy

      If you consider the traits you say they compose to be despicable, then why do you display all of them in your postings. You are appalling and a one-bit dhimocraptic hack. That is hack in the old fashioned sense, not someone who exhibits a modicum originality in using the net. If your mother had not spent all your youth in chasing cars, she might have taught you basic courtesy and manners.

  • texanfree

    The media have outed themselves as People of the Lie. The more irrelevant they become, the lower they stoop. It is who they are. They sold their souls long ago. Nothing is beneath them. The apology from the despicable rosie and the despicable author of the article about Barron Trump resulted from Melania filing a lawsuit against the author of the article. Yes, we must fight fire with fire. The Trumps fight back, and so should every decent person that is targeted by these horrible people.

    • sensoria

      Great book, People of the Lie.

      • texanfree

        It is. It describes them exactly. Everything they profess to be is built on a lie.

  • sierra_foxtrot

    This is an excellent assessment of the left’s imbecilic attitudes and behaviors. They deserve to be slammed swiftly at every occasion. Maher should have been crushed for his poisonous comments, yet Republican patsies continue to prove they lack the will to do anything other than whimper and ‘get along.’ Bowing to a bully does nothing more than invite more and worse bad behavior. It MUST be dealt with.

  • VictorErimita

    That’s who they are. That’s what they do. Period.

  • claymore cluepile

    the communists have no shame, they always employ “by any means necessary” including attacking children…..cultural marxism is lethal

  • monster

    Too bad we can’t send all the liberals to the island for misfit toys

  • JugEarsButtHurt

    S C U M

  • siddag04

    Rosie’s website has shut down the “ask Ro” section, can’t comment about it. I stayed up until about 3AM, watched Trump and his family, that exhausted good looking young kid, and thought about how tired he must be, while my teens slept. She never gave birth to her own kids and raised any kids without nannies, so doesn’t really have a clue about them. I am shocked at that cruel, unfounded tweet. I went to her website to comment, and partially read her paranoid comments re. Trump. I think Rosie needs professional help, she is showing signs of schizophrenia.

  • accelerator

    This is utter junk. Rosie O annoys me, but she posted a gracious and complete apology, not a grudging one… and the piece does not even mention that her own kid has autism. Again, junk, which does not help conservatives.

  • James

    If you think the media hasn’t gone after Chelsea Clinton, then you clearly don’t remember the 1990s.