Tom Hanks Fights Fake News by Giving White House Press Corps an Espresso Machine

Well isn’t Tom Hanks a chum!

He just sent the White House press corps a coffee machine and a note that read:

“To the White House Press Corps:

Keep up the good fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Especially for the Truth part.

Tom Hanks”

This was no ordinary Microsoft Word letter; for reasons that aren’t clear, it was typed on a typewriter (How artsy!).

And it was no Mr. Coffee that he sent. He sent a Pasquini Espresso Machine, which retails for around two grand.

Such a buddy.

And one can hardly blame Hanks for sending a coffee machine and emphasizing reporting the truth, because many of us have, at this point, lost track of how many stories coming from the mainstream media have been retracted in recent months because they were just plain untrue. Or “fake news,” as some would have it.

Let’s see, there was:

  1. The time The Washington Post ran this scary headline, “Russian operation hacked a Vermont utility, showing risk to U.S. electrical grid security, officials say,” with a story about an “operation dubbed Grizzly Steppe by the Obama administration” which had to be walked back because it was totally fake. If you pull up the article today, it starts off with an editor’s note that says, “An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that Russian hackers had penetrated the U.S. electric grid.” (Excuse me for a minute while my face looks like the cry-face emoji.)
  1. The epic Russian dossier that BuzzFeed claimed contained a truckload of devastating intel on Trump, all of which turned out to be unsubstantiated and later completely condemned as a hoax. The moment the rest of the press smelled a rat, they scrambled to throw BuzzFeed under the bus, with even The New York Times writing this particularly entertaining paragraph in an article on the gaffe:

“Of particular interest was the use of unsubstantiated information from anonymous sources, a practice that fueled some of the so-called fake news—false rumors passed off as legitimate journalism—that proliferated during the presidential election.”

Chuck Todd was a little blunter when he told the editor of BuzzFeed on air, “You just published fake news.”

  1. That time the AP, supposedly the mecca and medina of solid reporting, ran a story claiming that 100,000 members of the National Guard were heading to the streets to round up illegal immigrants. I thought it was an Onion article when it first floated through my Facebook feed. When I saw it was an AP wire story, I was stunned. But by then I was getting so used to fake news from the mainstream media that I was less shocked when I saw the U.S. Department of Homeland Security come out and plainly state that it was “absolutely incorrect.”

Those are just a few recent highlights. The fake news story on Time reporting that Trump had tossed the Oval Office bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. was a good one, but my personal favorite was the CNN claim that Nancy Sinatra was upset that her dad’s song “My Way” was being used at a Trump inaugural ball. When CNN tweeted out the story and stupidly tagged her in the tweet, Ms. Sinatra replied by tweeting back:

(Cry-face emoji again.)

So yeah, we’ll forgive Tom Hanks for sending the White House press corps a coffee machine.  Evidently they need one since they appear to be only half awake when they are writing their stories.



7 responses to “Tom Hanks Fights Fake News by Giving White House Press Corps an Espresso Machine

  1. Yeah, that “Keep up the good fight…” remark is bizarre, a bit like telling Sumo wrestlers to “keep up the good diet.” At the national level, most mainstream news sources no longer even pretend to be fair or accurate. The fact that they’re dying has made them all the more obsessed with destroying anyone who dare to disagree with them.

  2. Tom Hanks hasn’t made a decent movie since “Saving Private Ryan,” and even in that film he was not as good as his co-stars. As his career continues that inevitable slide to mediocrity, he grows more bitter and has decided the best way to turn his morbid career around is to insult nearly half the country who self-identify as conservatives. I’ll add him to the list of stars I will no longer watch. I’ll keep my conservative dollars in my pocket.

    1. You mean no decent movies other than Cast Away, Road to Perdition, Catch Me If You Can, Charlie Wilson’s War, Captain Phillips, Saving Mr. Banks and Bridge of Spies? You can dislike his politics but dismissing solid, quality movies he’s made is just juvenile.

      1. Yes, I liked all of them (except Bridge of Spies and Captain Philips, did not see them yet), plus his HBO Band Of Brothers series. You are right, whatever they say about his politics, he is still a good actor and producer, kind of like Robert Redford that way.

  3. Tom Hanks collects antique typewriters, hence the typewritten note. Chris Hardwick of the Nerdist podcast snagged an interview with him by sending him one.

  4. perhaps an “alternative” interpretation is that the press NEEDS copious jolts of caffeine to actually get off their liberal knob-slobbering arses and do journalism…

    okay, i know, it’s a reach, but i hadda try…

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