Your Tax Dollars Are Paying for Drag Queens to Read Stories to Children

A friend of mine was recently at a play group when one mom suggested reading a fairy tale in which two princes end up with each other. She asked the other parents present if they were OK with it, adding, “You know how some people can be.” I suggested that, the next time these parents got together, she bring one of Newt Gingrich’s children’s books and ask if the other parents were OK with it, using the same disclaimer of, “You know how some people can be,” because we all know that the open-minded two-princes mother would likely have a major problem with a book by a conservative and have no problem expressing it.

Then again, for parents like that one, Brooklyn now has taxpayer-funded programming that turns children’s story time into an agenda-driven activity. The public library is now offering “Drag Queen Story Time.”

From the Brooklyn Pubic Library website:

What do drag queens and children have in common? They love dressing up and all things sparkly and fancy! Drag Queen Story Hour captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity in childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models.

It’s not just Brooklyn, reports Smithsonian Magazine. Drag Queen Story Hour hit San Francisco in 2016 and will soon be coming to Orlando as well. Apparently, people around the country are interested in having their tax dollars spent paying drag queens to read to their children.

While this story time is ostensibly meant to introduce children to new ideas and open their minds, it is clear that the events skew in a particular political direction. What sort of outcry would there be if there were a children’s event promoting American exceptionalism or traditional values? An event with books about gun rights or the value of life in the womb? No, that would never do.

There is always the option of leaving agenda-driven events off of the calendar, of course, particularly when it comes to children’s activities, but that is evidently too much to ask in 2017, when everything has to be political, even story time for kids. When it comes down to it, these libraries are not aiming o teach children various worldviews, allowing them to grow into well-rounded adults capable of forming their own opinions, but to indoctrinate them into one specific worldview at the expense of all others. These are not people who are comfortable with children having truly open minds.

As the author of two patriotic (and apolitical) children’s books, I can attest to the fact that the left is highly suspicious of exposing children to anything that could potentially be considered conservative. The hate mail I received for educational books about America’s founding proved that liberals were extremely uncomfortable with patriotism, which they see as political. Why teach children facts when they can learn left-wing talking points instead?

Story time is, of course, optional, but funding it is not. Taxpayers pay for the library, which means they’re paying for these hyper-politicized story times that teach kids to fall into line with left-wing values. That’s what this comes down to—a public entity offering programming to indoctrinate children into a specific (and ideological) way of thinking. This isn’t about being open to a particular way of thinking, it’s about being closed to any other. Ladies and gentlemen, your tax dollars (and libraries) at work.

Photo: Drag Queen Story Hour Website



10 responses to “Your Tax Dollars Are Paying for Drag Queens to Read Stories to Children

  1. Be a hilarious thing for adults. Kids not so much. Bugger the gay stuff (pun intended), drag queen comedy would make the late George Carlin complain about the use of swear words.

  2. I think this is pretty awesome, actually… better they get read to by drag queens than people like you or the asshats at National Review.

  3. Let me guess you are against so called “indoctrination” that says people even people who rarely meet are deserving of respect, yet based on your literary history it looks like you are fine with shoving the Pledge of Allegiance and the Bible down our throats.

    1. Drag queens are part of adult entertainment. You might as well have strippers read to kids in full on stripper pasties.

    2. Of course they’re worthy of respect. As are salesmen, clerics, homeless, military, nurses, unmarried folk, chefs, etc. Why not assign a dedicated story time to all other lifestyles?

      1. As is usual whenever there’s outrage and whataboutisms surrounding things like this, there is literally nothing stopping any of those people from having story time.

        Opening an opportunity to one group of people doesn’t shut it out for others, and drag queens giving more LGBTQ visibility doesn’t take anything away from you or anyone else.

        1. Thom, Thanks for the thoughtful response.
          But we’re not going to have the time and space to fit in all groups and choosing drag queens is making a choice in a direction expressive of a political slant. Like having a gun carrying NRA member reading. Couldn’t we just attend to the lir/story and not to who’s reading.

  4. “What sort of outcry would there be if there were a children’s event promoting American exceptionalism or traditional values? An event with books about gun rights or the value of life in the womb? No, that would never do.”

    Isn’t this sort of a moot point since you just discribed mainstream America? Children are exposed to those values from birth and will learn this regardless.

    Also, is it confirmed that the queens are being paid for their time and talents? They could be volunteers. That said, drag is a labor of love and most performers are lucky if they just break even from all the expenses for costumes, makeup, hair, etc.

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