What the Keaton Jones Bullying Story Tells Us About Young Men Today

The internet is forever. It is the most powerful tool in humanity’s arsenal and it is unrelenting and it is cruel. This is a lesson parents should be teaching their children over, and over, and over again. Which is why it’s so disappointing to see parents not only not understand the internet, but also subject … Continued


A Gentleman’s Club That Turns Boys Into Men

In a trash-talking, reality-show culture that rewards bad behavior and self-promoting arrogance, quiet gentlemen have largely become quaint rarities, charming but outmoded relics of generations past. The news today is dominated by bullying presidential candidates, and the entertainment arena is ruled by foul-mouthed superheroes; unless young boys are taught gentlemanly standards by the males in … Continued


Justin Bieber, Richard Sherman, and the War on Testosterone

I don’t hear them anymore. The drag racers. They used to sound off at about 3 a.m., on the long street that runs a couple blocks behind where I live. The night would be quiet and still and all of a sudden there would be a roar, gears shifting, the drive to light speed. And … Continued


The Plight of Lower-Middle-Class Men: Charles Murray’s Fishtown and MTV’s Buckwild

Not much has changed for men since Shakespeare’s day. Today, the average American male finishes college and works for several years before marrying at age 28.[1] Contra Romeo & Juliet, a European male in the early modern era was not much different, waiting until his late twenties to tie the knot.[2] The reasons are similar. As Kay Hymowitz observes, … Continued

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