Should Your Parents Help You Pay Your Rent?

When I was offered a job as a low-level editor at a magazine in New York two decades ago, I went through what I thought was an unusual negotiation with my parents. They wanted me to live in a good neighborhood in an apartment with a doorman and a short walk from a subway stop, … Continued


Hey Millennials, Try Adulthood, Not #Adulting

In the United States, a person becomes a legal adult, or reaches the “age of majority” in legal speak, at the age of 18. You still don’t get to drink, but you can vote, fight in a war, and if you are a child celebrity, get all your money and pose naked and send your … Continued


Why Kids Today Can’t Grow Up

This summer, a museum in Washington, D.C. unveiled a new interactive art installation called “The Beach.” Comprised of two massive, white-washed swimming pools filled with white plastic balls and surrounded by beach chairs, one doesn’t just look at “The Beach,” one is encouraged to jump in and play. That’s right, it’s a ball pit for … Continued

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The Hidden Benefit of Moving Back Home

Everyone knows that more and more young people are moving back home—it’s a trend that we can’t stop hearing about. Month after month, the numbers seem to keep going up. A Pew Research poll found that some 22 million millennials are living at home, and one study estimates that 85% of college grads pack up … Continued


Millennials: Follow the Beats?

The Millennial Generation, roughly those born between the 1980s and the early 2000s, gets a bad rap. They’ve been called whiny, entitled, narcissistic, and the soft offspring of helicopter parents. Yet to me, the Millennials are smart, creative, often funny and mostly kind. I sometimes substitute teach for fun and to make a little extra … Continued


It’s Time to Let Millennials Grow Up

In New York City, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is leading the polls of mayoral candidates right now, is proposing that you must be 21 to buy cigarettes. “With this legislation, we’ll be targeting the age group at which the overwhelming majority of smokers start,” Quinn said at a press conference Monday. Putting aside … Continued


Give Monogamy a Chance

The hit HBO series Girls, which is wildly popular with twenty-something audiences, is also notorious for its frank portrayals of the dark side of the casual-sex culture reigning among America’s young adults. I’ve written about the show for Acculturated, but as a reminder, in the first season of the show, the main character, Hannah (played by Lena … Continued

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Post of the Week

Even though we’re still in the midst of our “Can Men Be Men Again?” Symposium, we wanted to anoint R. J. Moeller’s post, “Modern Manliness and the Perpetual State of Low Expectations,”  as this week’s Post of the Week.

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Forget Feminism: What About Kindness?

The Acculturated symposium, “Can Men be Men Again?” has evoked a very spirited and inspired response from our writers–and a rather passionate response from our readers.  Our writers have argued that there has been a breakdown in manly behavior in our culture. So in the comments section and in some of our posts, a question has arisen: … Continued

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