What “A Day Without a Woman” Reveals About Childcare in the U.S.

“Domestic work makes all other work possible.” This statement from the United Nations’ “Progress of the World’s Women” released last year has a lot of truth to it. If there’s no one to watch the children—whether it’s a parent or another caregiver—no one can go out into the world and be productive. But if we … Continued


Are These Women Really Heroes?

“I’m shooting in a very heroic light,” Chris Crisman explained to Upworthy. “Whether it’s in the lighting, the composition, how people sit in the frame . . . that’s kind of how I’ve always done portraiture. I’m trying to depict them in a way that is strong.” Working women are Crisman’s current passion, but don’t … Continued


Women Are Making Progress… Let’s Not Allow Government to Get in Their Way

Women frustrated by workplace challenges are sometimes invited to imagine how much better it would be if women held the reins of corporate power. Female bosses would treat employees better, providing higher wages and superior benefit packages with greater flexibility. These generous policies would improve the bottom-line, as satisfied employees perform better, bolstering profitability. Of … Continued


Why the Left Doesn’t Like Kellyanne Conway’s Message About Work-Life Balance

Kellyanne Conway recently became the first woman to successfully lead a winning presidential campaign. It’s not the first time she’s been a ground-breaker: Conway started her polling company in 1995 when she was just twenty-eight years old. In different circumstances, she’d be feminist favorite and heralded as a role model. Yet because she’s an unapologetic … Continued


Why We Should Stop Obsessing about Women and Leadership

For a majority of the past twenty years, the U.S. Secretary of State has been a woman. Over that same period of time, women have served as president of Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Penn, Brown, Duke, and other elite universities. Since 2014, the chairman of the Federal Reserve—arguably the world’s single most important economic policymaker—has been … Continued


You Don’t Need “Me-ternity” Leave. You Need to Grow Up.

Recently, after a friend came back to the office from maternity leave, her coworkers asked her, “So, how was your time off?” Americans are known for being stingy with vacation time, especially compared to other countries in the Western world. We are workaholics, and often proud of that fact. For most people in the modern … Continued

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Facts, Not Emotional Anecdotes, Should Drive Paid Leave Debate

Everyone writing about public policy issues knows that personal examples are more persuasive than dry numbers and broad talk about economic impacts. Yet there’s a real danger to allowing these personal stories to dominate conversations about policy. After all, stories pack a powerful emotional punch, but they tend to leave out and even obscure the … Continued

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How Much Should Your Boss Know About You?

It should go without saying that it’s none of your boss’s business what medications you take, let alone any aspect of your sex life. Yet it appears we have already skidded way down a slippery slope into an era when just about nothing is private—and, worse, bosses actually have good reason to want to poke … Continued

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Are Women the More Apologetic Sex at Work?

“I think the deadline is August 22.” At first glance, this seems like a helpful and non-controversial sentence to include in an email to a boss. And yet, this is basically the response I received from my male boss after I sent it: “You think the deadline is August 22 or the deadline is August … Continued