What “A Day Without a Woman” Reveals About Childcare in the U.S.

“Domestic work makes all other work possible.” This statement from the United Nations’ “Progress of the World’s Women” released last year has a lot of truth to it. If there’s no one to watch the children—whether it’s a parent or another caregiver—no one can go out into the world and be productive. But if we … Continued


Why the Left Doesn’t Like Kellyanne Conway’s Message About Work-Life Balance

Kellyanne Conway recently became the first woman to successfully lead a winning presidential campaign. It’s not the first time she’s been a ground-breaker: Conway started her polling company in 1995 when she was just twenty-eight years old. In different circumstances, she’d be feminist favorite and heralded as a role model. Yet because she’s an unapologetic … Continued


Are Kids the Ultimate Efficiency Hack?

Americans seem to have an obsession with studying and quantifying how kids supposedly ruin your life. There are the endless studies about exactly how many kids make you most miserable and stressed. Apparently moms with three kids are the most stressed out, more so than moms with two and oddly enough, moms with four. (This … Continued


You Don’t Need “Me-ternity” Leave. You Need to Grow Up.

Recently, after a friend came back to the office from maternity leave, her coworkers asked her, “So, how was your time off?” Americans are known for being stingy with vacation time, especially compared to other countries in the Western world. We are workaholics, and often proud of that fact. For most people in the modern … Continued

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How Soon is Too Soon for a Mother to go Back to Work?

A heart-broken mother whose infant son died on his first day at daycare is asking a poignant question: Why did she have to leave him so soon? Amber Scorah’s moving New York’s Times essay details the circumstances that led her to drop off her son Karl at a New York City daycare center when he … Continued

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Too Smart to Be A Mom?

A 27-year-old, Ivy-League graduate’s New York Times missive about coming to terms with her decision to stay home after the birth of her son starts with a question: “I Wanted to Stay Home with My Son. So Why Would I Lie About It?” The author, Jessica Levy, doesn’t explicitly answer that question, but I will: … Continued

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Is Marissa Mayer Still Yahoo’s CEO Because She’s Pregnant?

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer generated another round of debate when she announced recently that she’s pregnant with twins, plans to work up until her due date, and take just a two-week maternity leave. Is two weeks of maternity leave after twins realistic? Is Mayer setting an example for women in the workplace, showing how “leaning … Continued

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The CEO Dad Who Put Family First

With all the back and forth about “having it all” and “work-life balance” for women today, it’s easy to forget that dads often deal with the same struggles. We got a good reminder last week, however, after the story behind Mohamed El-Erian’s decision to quit his job as the CEO of the $2 trillion investment … Continued


America’s Got Baby Fever

If the media hysteria surrounding Beyoncé’s potential pregnancy and Kate Middleton’s “spare to the heir” is any indication, baby fever is booming when it comes to the Hollywood and social elite; within hours of the announcement from Clarence House, #RoyalBaby was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. And if you type “Beyoncé” into Google, the … Continued


Children vs. Careers: Yes, We Must Choose

In her recent post, Acculturated contributor Ashley McGuire responded to Anthony Dent’s piece “Sexism at the French Open!” and how it is time to update discussions of work-family choices. It isn’t the 1950s or the 1970s Ashley writes, so why are we still talking about women and work and family like we are back in … Continued