Reminding Women to Use Common Sense in the Workplace is Not ‘Victim Blaming’

When the Harvey Weinstein sex-scandal story broke earlier this month, fashion designer Donna Karan quickly leaped to his apparent defense. Referring to the dozens of accounts by Hollywood actresses who said Weinstein had engaged in disgusting and/or coercive sexual behavior when they visited his hotel room ostensibly to talk business, Karan, a longtime friend of … Continued


Women Aren’t Nags. They Just Engage in More ‘Emotional Labor’ Than Men?

In “Women Aren’t Nags—We’re Just Fed Up,” a recent article for Harper’s Bazaar, Gemma Hartley explains wanting just “one thing for Mother’s Day: a house cleaning service.” However, her husband didn’t seem up to the task. After contacting a single cleaning service and deeming it too expensive, he decides to clean the house himself. Disappointed, … Continued


The Real Message Behind the Statue of a Naked Woman on the National Mall

Washington D.C., a city that welcomes close to twenty million tourists each year, may get a new one: A forty-five-foot statue of a naked woman may be coming from San Francisco to spend several months on the National Mall. The artist, Marco Cochrane, described his intentions in creating this work as follows: “These sculptures are … Continued


Why Lifetime’s ‘Bad Girls’ are Bad for Women

The Lifetime network’s latest plug for their For the Love of Lifetime Women movie marathon was rife with problematic gender stereotypes that our culture should be far past embracing. Despite recent findings that women on screen are still underrepresented compared to men, and often still play domestic, “life-oriented” roles, women’s characters on television are slowly … Continued


Why More and More Women Don’t Mind Being Called ‘Bad Moms’

Are there any good mothers left? It’s a question that some people may be pondering because popular culture seems to be filled with “bad moms.” The trend probably started earlier but writer Ayelet Waldman was probably on the cutting edge with her weird admission that she loves her husband (novelist Michael Chabon) more than her … Continued


STEM and the Myth of Perfect Gender Parity

Technology is boring and impersonal. I don’t care about the 0’s and 1’s behind the application I’m using; I just care that it gets the job done so that I can focus on things like travel, culture, interactions between states in the foreign policy battlefield, art exhibitions, and brilliant lines in Kevin Williamson’s latest column. … Continued


Are Women Capable of Becoming Navy SEALs?

In a pivotal scene in the 1997 movie, G. I. Jane, Lieutenant Jordan O’Neal, the fictional first woman accepted into Navy SEAL training (played by Demi Moore), stands in the courtyard of the Naval Special Warfare Training Center and stares down the bell. All SEAL trainees are told repeatedly the bell can make it all … Continued


The Body Positivity Movement is Wrong. Not Every Woman Looks Great in a Bikini

It’s summer—which means it’s the season for women who look terrible in bikinis to flood the Internet with photos of themselves wearing bikinis and looking terrible. Case in point: Fifty-nine-year-old former British Vogue editor Alexandra Schulman’s now-famous August 9th vacation selfie featuring, well, plenty of Alexandra Schulman’s skin. She looked the way most women look … Continued


Why is the Media Sympathetic Towards the Women of ISIS?

A young blonde girl of eighteen once joined a legion of women fighting for a cause, listing among her motivations the need for the “feminine ideal of nurturance.” Over the course of the next four years, she and her fellow female devotees to the cause would marry leaders of the cause, immerse themselves in its … Continued


Why Women (and Men) Prefer to Have a Male Boss

Finally, an article in the Atlantic comes out and says it: Women generally can’t stand working for other women. For the past few years, at least as the mainstream media would have it, it was supposed to be a “myth” that women bosses made life more difficult for their subordinates than male bosses, or that … Continued