Couples Don’t Need Wedding Loans. They Need More Modest Weddings

It’s been fifty-four years since Jessica Mitford skewered the funeral industry in The American Way of Death, and twenty-five years since she followed up with The American Way of Birth, which was equally scathing. Unfortunately, Mitford died without writing the third part of what should have been a trilogy. Missing is an exploration of the … Continued


Should You Prepare for Divorce Before You’re Even Married?

Have you ever heard of a bride asking for a refund on her wedding if she gets divorced? No? Neither did the wedding photographer who received such a request, nor did I and the thousands of other photographers she shared it with in a Facebook group: This is obviously a ludicrous request because even if … Continued


How One Woman Planned Her Wedding in Only Five Days

Could you plan a wedding in five days? My guess is that most people would answer that question with a laugh. But my friend and former colleague did exactly that with both class and gusto. When I first saw The New York Times article, “I Planned My Wedding in Five Days. You Could, Too” float … Continued


Something Borrowed, Something … Beluga?

There could be an entire corner of the Internet devoted solely to the misguided people who take animal selfies. There’s Shark Bro, seal selfies, and countless other examples of people wittingly turning themselves into bear bait to get that perfect photo to post to Instagram. Why anyone would need a warning against taking a “tiger selfie” … Continued


Yes You Can Practice Thrift at a Wedding; Just Ask Kristen Bell

Celebrity weddings are a particular (and often peculiar) subculture in our entertainment-obsessed culture. Mariah Carey’s recent wedding drama has dominated celebrity headlines for the past few days, and every summer brings another recap of the most over-the-top or exotic celebrity weddings of years past. And who can forget the perennial Kim Kardashian weddings, with their … Continued


The Hip New Wedding Accessory? A Drone

Wedding season is in full swing, and as brides and grooms contemplate how best to celebrate their unions, they are turning to some high-tech accessories. Forget selfie sticks, 3D-printed wedding keepsakes, and wedding robots. Think: something borrowed, something blue, something hovering overhead and filming you! That’s right: Drones are now the hip extra guest at … Continued


Enough with the Harry Potter-Themed Weddings

If you’re invited to a wedding in the next few months, you have my sympathies. Choose your outfit wisely, as it—and you—may dwell on Google forever. Such is the risk of being a wedding guest in the age of viral videos and social media, when bride and groom long for not only each other, but … Continued


No, You Don’t Need a Huge Engagement Ring

As wedding season looms, it’s worth reconsidering some of our more materialistic marriage rituals, especially the expectation that a woman should receive an enormous engagement ring. In an age that prioritizes weddings over marriages and has no qualms about the idea of a “starter marriage,” it should come as no surprise that we’ve embraced the … Continued


Celebrity Princess Bride

In case you blinked and missed it, Mariah Carey got divorced and engaged in the last 4 nanoseconds. And you’re going to have to blink a few times to fully take in her giant rock. The 35-carat piece of bling is, to quote the Huffington Post, “completely insane.” So is Carey’s delusional notion that she is embarking on … Continued