Jane, the (Charming, Pregnant) Virgin

Imagine a show about the adventures of a young, comely virgin. Doubt it’d exist? Jane the Virgin, adapted from a Venezuelan telenovela, is a new CW abshow that’s original, affable, and surprisingly respectful of religious believers. The show offers a new twist on traditional mores—provocatively and comically—asking: What happens when the wrong woman is artificially … Continued

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Pics of the Week: TV’s Tortured Virgins

This is what virginity looks like on television: TV writer Willa Paskin has a good piece over at Salon about TV’s tortured virgins: “Shame-free virginity: not currently a fictional TV offering.”  True, but what’s interesting about the three virgins she covers is how they react to the “shame” of being a virgin. Two of TV’s … Continued

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