Is the Era of Violent Video Games Ending?

Rime, one of the gentlest, most emotionally moving and philosophically profound video games of 2017, is the result of a near-death experience. It happened when Raúl Rubio Munárriz, the creator of Rime, was drowning. On vacation in the Mediterranean, Munárriz swam a mile out into the sea to a buoy, which he discovered was too … Continued


Are Kids’ Movies Too Violent?

In a recent interview, beloved actor Dick Van Dyke, who is currently filming a Mary Poppins sequel scheduled for release next year, raised a concern that the graphic violence and scary intensity of today’s video games and movies are having a detrimental influence on generations of young viewers. So many productions today are “all gunfire … Continued


HBO’s ‘Westworld’ Asks: Can Robots Be Moral?

In HBO’s new series Westworld, the robots challenge the humans to moral and physical combat—and you might be surprised by who wins. Based upon Michael Crichton’s 1973 film, Westworld tells the story of a futuristic theme park where visitors pay to play dress-up in a fabricated landscape made to look like a cattle town in the … Continued

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Hollywood’s Hypocrisy About Guns

Hollywood denizens want it both ways when it comes to their product. They acknowledge that today’s movies are more violent than ever: consider the Bourne franchise, Quentin Tarantino’s bloody film canon, and just about every action movie released these days. So what happens when a real-life violent action occurs on-screen, such as a gun massacre? Heck, … Continued


Will Sex Strikes Solve Anything?

  “Make love, not war.” We’ve heard this phrase for decades now from peace-loving hippies who see sex, love, and hugs as the answer to humanity’s never-ending problem of bloodshed and violence. One Chicago woman is putting a slight spin on the saying and promoting a message of her own: “Don’t make love in order … Continued


Is ‘Macbeth’ Too Bloody for Kids? No

The week before school began, my daughter and I swung by her school to drop off last minute paperwork and dropped in to check out her classroom. We met her teacher and quickly ended up talking about one of my daughter’s favorite topics—reading—and the event she has been looking forward to for years: the 5th … Continued


What Can We Learn From Watching the Roanoke Shooting Footage?

There is an old story about how Native Americans, when first introduced to the camera, believed that it could steals their souls. Though usually taken as a story of primitive superstition, you can find a sort of retelling of it by Western writers like Susan Sontag and Daniel Boorstin, who also believed images could rob … Continued


Dr. Dre: Violent Man, Mediocre Talent

In November 1990, Dr. Dre picked up hip-hop journalist Dee Barnes and began slamming her face against a wall. After unsuccessfully trying to throw her down a flight of stairs, he pursued her into a bathroom where he held her to the ground, grabbed her by the hair, and began punching her head from behind—all … Continued

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God, Guns, Masculinity, and the New Promise Keepers

In 1990, a Colorado football coach named Bill McCartney founded an organization meant to encourage men to live honorably. Within two years, Promise Keepers was no longer a group but a movement, and in 1997 it attracted more than a million men to the Washington D.C. mall for a “sacred assembly,” a massive pep rally … Continued