No Sympathy for ‘Maleficent’

Last weekend Disney’s latest film Maleficent, featuring Angelina Jolie as the renowned villainess of Sleeping Beauty, opened in theaters, reaping $70 million at the box office. Maleficent is billed as the other side of the story—the perspective of the woman we always considered the villain—the real story of Sleeping Beauty as we were never told … Continued

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On Zombies and Zeitgeists

The annual Old Town Zombie Crawl stumbled its way through my town of Fort Collins recently, part of the typical October craziness around here.  Propped behind the photo booth for the Coloradoan, our local paper, was its barely recognizable, zombified editor, Josh Awtry. Reflecting on his experience blending into the oozing, vacant-eyed crowd, Awtry used … Continued