The Enduring Appeal of ‘Metropolitan’

Twenty-five years ago this month, a former agent for cartoonists named Whit Stillman made his debut as a filmmaker with an absurdly low-budget production that helped define a new golden age of independent cinema that had begun just a year earlier. Stillman’s Metropolitan, following in the footsteps of Steven Soderbergh’s Sex, Lies and Videotape, earned … Continued

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Holiday Shopping and the Class Divide

I confess: I shopped on Black Friday. There were, though, no stampedes at the Stony Point Fashion Park in Richmond, Virginia.  The most galling social impropriety I witnessed was a German shepherd relieving itself on a tree (presumably after drinking at the doggie comfort station).  The longest line was a well-behaved serpentine waiting to check … Continued


Bobos 2.0: The New Cool is a Hand-Crank Grain Mill

Twelve years ago, David Brooks coined a term for the new educated elite. He called them Bobos, short for bourgeois bohemians.  In his bestselling book Bobos in Paradise, Brooks identified, analyzed, and ridiculed the people (himself included), who make up the new establishment. “These Bobos define our age,” Brooks said. Mixing bourgeois morals and mores … Continued