The Exploitation of Ronda Rousey

This past Friday, the world saw popular mixed martial artist, author, and actress Ronda Rousey compete in her latest fight—if you can even call it a fight, that is. I saw it as a brazen act of exploitation. At the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 207, viewers did not see the return of a former champion … Continued

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Ronda Rousey Proves ‘Strong is the New Sexy’

For women frustrated by our culture’s intimidating standards of beauty and sexiness epitomized by say, the Victoria’s Secret Angels, the good news is that there is a new feminine body image ideal in town—and it belongs to Ronda Rousey. It’s been a big summer for the mixed martial arts champ Rousey. In June she appeared … Continued

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What Makes A Good Match

It’s adversity, or rather, the overcoming of adversity that gets Americans going. And it’s what keeps American sports fans glued to their seats and television screens the night of a big fight. At least this is what my husband tells me as he munches on a buttered croissant the morning after watching last Saturday’s UFC 165 main event … Continued

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