Can Rock Defeat Terrorism?

One month ago, Eagles of Death Metal were in mid-performance at the Bataclan Theater in Paris when their show was interrupted by a terrorist attack that left 89 dead there (and 130 total in coordinated attacks elsewhere in the city). All the members of the rock band survived and were understandably traumatized, but they swiftly … Continued

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Let’s Kick Elitism Out of Rock and Roll

The intersection of pop culture and politics is a dangerous place for even the most seasoned artists, and it’s certainly no place for kids. And yet, the New York Daily News informs us that the progeny of some of D.C.’s biggest power players have formed their own rock band: The 12-year-olds in the rock ‘n’ … Continued

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Bono: A Rockstar and a Christian?

Considering America largely invented mass media, we’re awfully provincial about it. Perhaps that’s why this remarkable interview U2 front man Bono, a.k.a. Paul Hewson, gave to Irish Broadcaster RTE last year is just now popping up all over American websites. In it, Bono says he regularly prays to Jesus Christ and studies Scripture to know … Continued

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Inside the Life of a Young Conservative on World Tour

My friend Caleb works for Live Nation Entertainment and has spent the last few years of his life touring the world with U2 and other top-grossing musical acts. Caleb’s a God-fearing, tax-paying, gun-supporting American in his twenties whose values and worldview don’t necessarily comport with those of the people he works for and/or with, but … Continued

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Bond, Music and Gender

My earliest movie theater memory–in fact, one of my earliest memories at all–is of sitting with dropped jaw, thrilled by the brassy, guitar-driven theme song that opened Dr. No, the first in what would become the longest-running film franchise in history. The Bond theme is still my favorite movie music. Dr. No was released fifty … Continued

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