Twitter Killed Our Attention Spans, and Just Killed Itself

How long have I been on Twitter? I joined two boyfriends before I met my husband, who is the father of our three children. To put it another way: Most of my adult life. I have tweeted 129,000 times; I’ve live-tweeted debates, elections, everyday interactions, and everything in between. I tweet too much; I know … Continued


Joel Osteen, Hurricane Harvey, and the Twitter Mob

Texas megachurch pastor and “prosperity gospel” promoter Joel Osteen got the Justine Sacco treatment this week. Don’t know Sacco? She’s the PR professional whose clunky AIDS joke turned her into a Twitter punching bag several years ago and eventually cost her her job and reputation. Unlike Sacco before her infamous tweet, however, Osteen is already … Continued


A Dating App for Verified Twitter Users – What Could Go Wrong?

Private. Safe. Exclusive. That’s how tech company Loveflutter is selling their Blue app, which they describe as, “A premium version of Loveflutter exclusive to Twitter’s blue tick verified community. Swipe discreetly and know who you’re matching with is interesting and real.” The blue tick refers to the blue checkmark (or tick) that appears on the … Continued


Maybe Our Public Officials Are Working ‘Too’ Hard

It doesn’t take much to start a tweet war, which is something that UN Ambassador Nikki Haley found out over the July Fourth holiday. Her tweet—Spending my 4th in meetings all day. #ThanksNorthKorea—set off a parade of angry rejoinders, pointing out how many other Americans, including soldiers, police officers and other emergency personnel, are working … Continued


Why Activists Should Think Before They Tweet

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that there are social justice feminists waging battles against slights that don’t actually exist. It might surprise you, however, to discover that people are actually pushing back against such ridiculousness. It all started last week, when Katie Hinde (known on twitter as @mammals_suck, a nod to her day … Continued


How to Navigate the Brave New (Under) World of Social Media

For all the connectedness that social media can bring—the excited Facebook status updates, the perfectly-posed Instagram photos, the enlightening political banter on Twitter—recently-leaked guidelines about how Facebook moderators wrangle with content on the platform show a disturbingly dark side of humanity. On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, people often seem compelled to … Continued


Should a ‘Denver Post’ Reporter Been Fired for a Dumb Tweet?

At some point during the last ten or twenty years our culture shifted from accountability and forgiveness to intolerance and overreaction. One reason for this is the prevalence of social justice monitors eager to enforce their own vision of political correctness, aided and abetted by instantaneous punishment meted out on social media. Everyone is now … Continued


Director Joss Whedon is a Jerk on Twitter. Should We Care?

Twitter often lets us share more than we should about ourselves. Or, in the case of Hollywood director Joss Whedon, it reveals private thoughts he’d be better off keeping private. Whedon, who successfully brought Marvel’s “The Avengers” to the big screen, can’t quit Twitter despite threatening to do so every few weeks. And boy, should … Continued


I Re-Tweet Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets, Therefore I Am

How much do you like fast food? Let’s be more specific: What are you willing to do for some free Wendy’s chicken nuggets? Before you start leaping off cliffs or skateboarding into traffic, keep in mind that in the Internet era you might not have to do much at all; just post to your favorite … Continued