Why Millennials Are Obsessed with Nostalgia TV

C.S. Lewis once said, “I can’t imagine really enjoying a book and reading it only once.” The same now can apparently be said of television programming produced in the 1990’s. From the Los Angeles Times: Jessica Mata wasn’t even a year old when “The Golden Girls” ended its broadcast run on NBC in 1992. But … Continued


Kids and TV: How Much is Too Much?

The other day, in a moment of type-A parenting neurosis, I did a Google search on the recommended limits on toddler television. I let my daughter watch two, twenty-two minute episodes of T.V. a day (sue me), and I needed my monthly reminder that I was not destroying her brain or life chances at becoming … Continued

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Why We Need Dark Television Shows

Over the past ten years, my favorite television shows have been the darkest ones on television. Deadwood, Luther, The Wire, Breaking Bad, and True Detective are at the top of my list. These shows are violent dramas, detective shows, or focus on political questions. They are among the most morally serious shows on television. I do … Continued

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Sleepy Hollow’s Patriotic Thrill Ride

Several weeks ago, AMC premiered a new drama in the coveted time slot immediately following Breaking Bad, hoping to snare Walter White’s legions of fans: Low Winter Sun, a gritty cop drama set in decaying Detroit. Unlike The Shield, however, another gritty cop drama, Low Winter Sun’s protagonists aren’t just morally compromised – they’re flat-out … Continued

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How Good was the Breaking Bad Finale?

At 9:00pm last Sunday night I wrote on my Twitter page: not ready for this. I had invested too much time and thought into Breaking Bad that I simply wasn’t ready for the emotional fallout I felt was coming. The theme of this last half season of Breaking Bad may be a combination of you … Continued

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Downton Abbey and Modern Marriage

The finale to season three of Downton Abbey offers us a glimpse at a world before the last great transformation in marriage came to pass (divorce). Michael Gregson, the newspaper editor and possible suitor to Lady Edith, confessed to Matthew Crawley that he was married yet wished to pursue a relationship with Lady Edith nonetheless: Of … Continued

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Oxygen’s The Face: Fashion Still Holds Women in a Corset

Fashion and pop culture go hand in hand and the newest merger is presented in the popular TV series, The Face. I watched with interest this season, a passive viewer until one of the young women faced elimination and defended her worth to remain on the show, touting the reason: “This is a modeling competition … Continued

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The New Homeland?

A lot of spies, check. A dysfunctional marriage, check. Extramarital sex, check. An older sister, younger brother combination who each are annoying in their own right, check. A great female lead, check. A plot where we care just as much for the bad guys as the good guys, check. This checklist of commonalties link two … Continued

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