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On Friday, the US National Center for Health Statistics released its most recent study on suicide; the results were startling. The suicide rate in the US is the highest it has been for thirty years, especially among white women and middle-aged white men (the only group that has experienced a decline in suicide rates is … Continued


Parenting Under a Microscope

Nobody puts baby in a corner. Especially not when that baby’s last name is Beckham. David Beckham found himself in the cross-hairs of the parenting mafia this week when his 4-year-old daughter was spotted sucking on a pacifier, or dummy as they are known in the UK. The so-called experts summoned by the Daily Mail … Continued

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Tom Cruise: The Greatest Movie Star of All-Time

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation comes out this weekend and with it will be another round of people beating up on Tom Cruise. They make fun of him for his religious beliefs. They knock him for making overly commercial movies. They mock him because he was one of the first people in America to have the … Continued


Five Lessons from “Going Clear”

With good reason, the average American’s documentary film consumption has exponentially grown in recent years. The advent of streaming services such as Netflix and HBO GO, and exceptional documentary series such as ESPN’s 30 for 30, have ushered in a new era of excellent options for the inquisitive viewing public. HBO Film’s latest effort, Going … Continued

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Tom Cruise and the Specter of Time

A confluence of events in my life has led to the writing of this post. First was my screening of Tom Cruise’s latest summer blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow earlier this month. Next came the episode of my friend James Poulos’ podcast (Free Radicals) in which James gave a detailed and thoughtful review of the film, including commentary … Continued

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A Humble, Heroic Tom Cruise in “Edge of Tomorrow”

Edge of Tomorrow remains one of the top summer blockbusters at the box office, and is there any surprise why? Grossing more than $239 million worldwide, it’s one of those films that have it all. It has action. It has a catchy premise, featuring the day-starting-over glitch we’ve loved since Groundhog Day. It has top-notch … Continued

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Tom Cruise Should Play More Villains

It’s time for Tom Cruise to start playing some bad guys. I’m a fan of Cruise’s work, but at fifty-one he’s got to start thinking beyond the parts that have made him famous. He has to break bad. Cruise’s newest film, coming out this summer, is Edge of Tomorrow. The plot, for Cruise, is familiar: … Continued

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Cruise, Wahlberg, and Afghanistan

Seriously committed artists – actors, writers, etc. – work hard at their craft. But not combat hard. In the last few days, statements from two of Hollywood’s hardest-working actors highlighted just how important it is to acknowledge that distinction. With unfortunate timing, rumor hit the internet just before Veterans Day that megastar Tom Cruise, in … Continued

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Apocalypse on My Mind

1      Obliv-i-on   noun      the condition or state of being forgotten or unknown The newest Tom Cruise motion picture—my grandpa called them “talkies”—is the sci-fi thriller Oblivion, and it shares an increasingly common theme with many films and television shows these days: the decimation of mankind. Cruise plays Jack Harper, a tech repairman in the year … Continued

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Obedience to the Unenforceable

The late stand-up comedian Dennis Wolfberg used to regale audiences with stories from his days as a public school teacher in The Bronx. In one story, a loutish middle-schooler addresses him as, “Hey, Wolfberg!” “That’s Mr. Wolfberg,” the teacher corrects sternly, to which the student replies, “Well, how am I supposed to know you’re married?” … Continued