George Takei Finds Out What It’s Like to be a Conservative

George Takei, best known for portraying Sulu on Star Trek, publicly disagreed with the decision to “out” his iconic character in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond. Suddenly, the progressive actor found a “kick me” sign affixed to his cyber-profile. Call him an honorary conservative for a day. The film, hitting theaters July 22, features a … Continued


Books to Read in 2015

I love to read. More than almost any other decision, the one I made in my early 20’s to become a serious reader and consumer of information (and great works of literature) has proven to be the undergirding catalyst in whatever personal or professional success I’ve enjoyed thus far. Certainly this includes the consumption of … Continued


Women: I Figured Out Victoria’s “Secret” and It’s Brilliant

Tina Fey has more than earned the writing awards to her credit, and her social commentary continues to slice through the nuances of politics and culture in an unparalleled fashion. In true form, her autobiography, Bossypants, pretty much nails the state of confusion surrounding women’s body image in modern media: “Now every girl is expected … Continued


The Golden Globes: Hollywood Finally Gets Classy

In case you didn’t notice, the Golden Globes have gotten better, and here’s my one-word summary as to why: tact. Whether they realize it or not, the presenters are employing more tact in their writing more than they have in the past, and the revised approach is winning. The Golden Globes is renowned for its … Continued


Why Good Girls Watch Bad TV Shows

R.J. Moeller’s post, “Tina Fey, Lena Dunham and the Vapid Ethos of ‘Girls,’” got me thinking about why we watch disapproving television shows – shows that celebrate crassness above virtue. As Mr. Moeller points out, Tina Fey plays the part of a “new cast member”– a poor Albanian immigrant who, in her words, is “happy … Continued

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Does Having Money Make You a Better Mom?

Over at the Atlantic, Jean Twenge hit a nerve with her piece entitled “How Long Can You Wait to Have a Baby?” in which she argues that when you look at all the available evidence, research and statistics, it isn’t true that women in their 30s should fear they’ve missed their chance to have children … Continued

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The Daily Pop Culture Scene

The Artist Cleans Up at Critics’ Choice Awards for Aesthetic Glamour—LA Times The Beauty of Silence in Non-Silent Films—The Atlantic On the Joys of Reading While Running—Alexander Nazaryan The Iron Lady’s Sex Appeal—Christopher Hitchens in the Huffington Post The Wit and Absurdity of Tina Fey’s 30 Rock—NPR Flashback: John Steinback on Falling in Love in 1958—Maria … Continued