Sheryl Sandberg, Beyoncé, and the Hypocrisies of Modern Feminism

It’s easy to brush off popular culture as a separate and contained sphere of life, but look no further than the latest issue of TIME magazine to be reminded of just how completely false any such notion really is. On the cover of the annual “100 Most Influential” article is none other than Beyoncé. In … Continued


From Time to The Help: Parenting in Pop Culture

Who would have guessed the editors at Time magazine could ignite a media firestorm on the topic of (yawn) breastfeeding? It’s all a matter of perspective. Start with a self-professed “Christian, stay-at-home, homeschooling, adoptive and biological mother of two,” Jamie Lynne Grumet. “If ever a person can rock a magazine cover with their boob in … Continued

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America Through the Eyes of Time Magazine

Time magazine doesn’t think much of its American readers. As Jon Stewart points out in this hilarious segment from The Daily Show, while recent international editions of the magazine ran consequential cover stories, the magazine’s American version opted for soft and fluffy leads. For example, this week, the Time cover for the Europe, Asia, and … Continued