The Cult of Lego – It’s creepy. And awesome.

Out there in the twee world of indie films is a new movie about Legos. As most Lego-themed projects do, it has an insipidly punny title—A LEGO Brickumentary.   Brickumentary is an attempt to explain the magical genius of Legos, to showcase the wonder the toys instill in people, and to normalize the culture’s adult … Continued


How Chris Pratt Became America’s Leading Man

Normally Hollywood is in little danger of under-hyping anything, but this month the suzerains of entertainment were caught completely off-guard by the success of Jurassic World, which has just broken the record for earning $1 billion at the global box office more quickly than any other film in history. It will end the summer at … Continued


Chris Pratt for President

Without a doubt, 2014 was the Year of Chris Pratt. The Parks and Recreation star took the well-earned opportunities Hollywood presented him and hit each and every one out of the proverbial ballpark. There was his vocal performance as the lead in The Lego Movie. There was his turn as a space hero in the … Continued


The Lego Movie: Film of the Year?

It really is that good. The Lego Movie has surprised a lot of people by getting rave reviews and earning almost $100 million in its first two weeks of release. I’ve just seen it, and can say without hesitation that The Lego Movie is not just a product-placement bonanza that happens to have some clever … Continued

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