Put ELO in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Last week, the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its nominees for induction into 2017’s Hall of Fame class. The Hall of Fame is famously subjective, and one could make a case for any of the candidates, all giants of Boomer culture: the group Yes popularized progressive rock; Journey perfected arena rock; Tupac … Continued

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George Martin: The Real Fifth Beatle

There were only ever four Beatles: George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney (?), and Ringo Starr. But that hasn’t stopped many from nominating candidates for an unofficial, honorary “Fifth Beatle” to join the group in musical immortality. Many possibilities exist. Yet surveying them reveals Beatles producer George Martin, whose death last week at 90 deprived … Continued

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Paul McCartney, Still on the Run at 72

I remember when rock was young, as Elton John sang, so young that no one could even imagine a rock star being over the age of 30. The very thought of someone that old still pumping out power chords onstage would have seemed ludicrous to my generation. Speaking of “My Generation,” The Who’s lyric “I … Continued

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The Death of Creativity

To look at the shelves of bookstores these days (if any still exist in your neighborhood), one might think that this is a time in which creativity is hot. Titles about creativity – explaining it, unleashing it, using it to galvanize artistic fulfillment and business success – abound. But is this trend evidence that we … Continued


After Benedict: The First Pop Culture Pope?

When I interviewed official Vatican astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno several months ago, one of the questions I asked was: who’s the better band, Iggy and the Stooges or the MC5? It was an obvious question. The good brother grew up in Detroit, after all, where both bands were from. After a few seconds of deliberation, … Continued

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Why The Beatles Still Reign over Justin Bieber, Pink, and Beyonce

  Today’s pop stars aren’t weird enough. That’s the conclusion I came to after listening to the magnificent new Beatles’ vinyl boxed set, a gorgeous doorstopper that includes every album the Fab Four made. I started with Please Please Me and didn’t stop until Abbey Road. I also thoroughly enjoyed the handsome hardback book that … Continued

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The Daily Pop Culture Scene

Scarlett Johansson’s Human Moment in “Avengers”–Atlantic “Avengers” Sets Incredible Records Opening Weekend–Time Meow, the Obese Cat, Has Died–Buzzfeed RIP Maurice Sendak, Author of “The Wild Things”–NYT Tim Burton Vamps It Up in “Dark Shadows” Remake–Newsweek Kristin Wiig’s Fifty Shades of Grey Spoof on SNL–Huffington Post Best Dressed at the Met Gala–Celebuzz Mad Men & How … Continued

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AC/DC and the Work Ethic

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll. That’s the line, a quote from the band AC/DC, that was in my mind as I was thinking about what would be my first post as a new blogger at Acculturated. Acculturated is a long-overdue space for people who strive for a … Continued

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