What Celebrities Can Actually DO About Terrorism

In the wake of the terrorist attack after Monday’s Ariana Grande show in Manchester, England, which killed almost two dozen people, celebrities from Katy Perry to Cher to Ryan Seacrest to Ariel Winter all took to social media to express their horror and condolences. Nearly every tweet was some variation of “sending thoughts and prayers” … Continued


Husbands Are Not the Enemy

In the wake of a cascade of articles from the New York Times celebrating January’s Women’s March as a stirring symbol of feminist empowerment—as demonstrated by pussy hats, profane placards, unhinged celebrity poetry, and the rejection of pro-life women—that same paper hit a new low in the blatant bashing of American manhood. The Times’ Nicholas … Continued


Saddam Hussein’s New Novel Might End Up Funneling Money to ISIS

Fancy reading a novel by Saddam Hussein? How about an allegory set 1500 years ago that describes “through biblical metaphor, a Zionist-Christian conspiracy against Arabs and Muslims?” Would you read it if you knew that the royalties from the book go to Saddam’s daughter Raghad, who has declared her support for ISIS? Hesperus Press, a … Continued


Garry Trudeau and the Moral Equivalence of the Progressive Left

Sometimes people are slow to learn a lesson, but fanatical Islamists are nothing if not diligent in their pedagogic urges. Lately they have taught us, again, that the only provocation required to inflame them is our existence—which means some people have a lot to apologize for after the latest assault on Western values, along the … Continued


Sorry, Celebrities—Naked Pictures of Yourself Are Not an Appropriate Response to Terrorism

In the aftermath of the horrific Orlando shooting, social media lit up in different shades of support and solidarity—some people changed their profile pictures, many posted images of rainbows and hearts, some shared heartfelt words and messages, and some people posted. . . topless pictures to Instagram? That’s right. Behati Prinsloo, a Victoria’s Secret model … Continued


Heroism, Not Politics, is the Message of ’13 Hours’

Michael Bay, like Rodney Dangerfield, don’t get no respect. Despite his movies raking in nearly six billion dollars worldwide, he is often dismissed as the man responsible for the cartoonish Transformers franchise and the legendary debacle that is Pearl Harbor. But with the just-released 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Bay has transcended himself … Continued

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Can Rock Defeat Terrorism?

One month ago, Eagles of Death Metal were in mid-performance at the Bataclan Theater in Paris when their show was interrupted by a terrorist attack that left 89 dead there (and 130 total in coordinated attacks elsewhere in the city). All the members of the rock band survived and were understandably traumatized, but they swiftly … Continued

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Was The ISIS Skit Actually Funny?

Right now, ISIS is busy bombing, beheading, and burning people alive. Right now, dozens of young girls are busy trying to join them. Right now, thousands of innocent people are busy trying to stay away from them and stay alive. And right now, Americans are busy laughing about it. This weekend, our Fifty Shades of … Continued

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