Why the Left is Going After Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift

In today’s twisted media world, you can get shamed for doing nothing. Take Lady Gaga, the pop superstar chosen to perform at Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show. Given her track record, fans knew anything was possible from her performance. It’s hard to forget that meat dress ensemble. That also meant she might uncork yet another … Continued

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Why We Should Leave Taylor Swift Alone

Forget blue collar white voters. Some liberals have discovered who’s really to blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss: Taylor Swift. That’s right! Taylor Swift. The pop star is being criticized for her silence on the presidential election, with some calling into question her feminist credentials. According to their logic, Swift should have used her sway with … Continued


Why These Octogenarians Are Getting Better Press Than Taylor Swift

Recently, celebrity karaoke has become a thing. The “Carpool Karaoke” segment that’s become a viral hit for James Corden on his Late Late Show was recently bought by Apple, which will make it a stand-alone spinoff show. Spike TV hosts “Lip Sync Battle,” which pits celebrities against each other in elaborate lip sync competitions, complete … Continued


Viral Video Overreach: Kanye West Edition

Last week Kanye West unveiled a music video for a song “Famous” that seems to be the latest bid to break the Internet. Perhaps since marrying Kim Kardashian, West has been infected with the reality-TV bug of trying to out-outrageous others in his field, because in this video, West includes a depiction of himself, his … Continued

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Taylor Swift is Right About How to Break Up

Taylor Swift isn’t perhaps the most obvious person you might turn to for relationship advice. Swift’s best known topic for musical inspiration is heartbreak, and she’s had many failed romances over the years. In one of her most recent hits she sings, “Got a long list of ex-lovers; they’ll tell you I’m insane; ‘cause you … Continued


Did Kesha Make a False Rape Allegation?

Hollywood has again found itself rocked by yet another high-profile rape allegation. This time, all eyes are on 28-year-old pop starlet and recording artist, Kesha. A New York County Supreme Court judge ruled Friday that Kesha must continue her contract with Sony records despite Kesha’s claims that her producer, Dr. Luke, had roofied, raped, and … Continued

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Taylor Swift: Modern Woman or “Nazi Barbie”?

If Taylor Swift ever believed she had bad blood before, boy does she have it now. Over her birthday weekend, the young queen of pop watched a bomb with her name on it explode after the famed feminist critic Camille Paglia published a shockingly scathing attack on Swift, calling her a blonde, elitist “Nazi Barbie.” … Continued


Why Men Have Disappeared from Pop Music

It’s only been a week since Adele released her new album, 25, but the British soul singer can already claim to have the fastest-selling album in the United States of the last quarter century—and maybe of all time. The success of 25 and its lead single, the infectious power ballad “Hello,” are all the more … Continued

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Gwen Stefani: Another “Wronged” Celebrity Getting Her Revenge?

Upon first hearing about pop music uber-couple Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s split (and despite the curse of celebrity marriage that insists that even the healthy ones eventually fail), I felt sad. Upon hearing rumors that Gavin Rossdale pulled another seemingly inevitable move in Celebrityland, namely, sleeping with the nanny, I felt even worse. But after being force-fed … Continued

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The Return of “Slut-o-ween?”

Get ready, folks, it’s that time of year again: Time for the annual cultural debate about overly sexualized Halloween costumes. Every year, toddlers, tweens, teens, and adults alike face the challenge of finding a costume that suits them in a culture that turns every celebrity, Disney character, profession, and animal into a sluttier . . … Continued

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