Ditch the Pantsuit, Hillary. Embrace the Power of Glamour

One of the more interesting questions left unanswered by the Democratic National Convention last week is an aesthetic one: Why did Hillary Clinton wear an all-white pantsuit? Given her history as a self-proclaimed “pantsuit aficionado,” it does not come as a surprise that Mrs. Clinton would accept the nomination in her signature style. The all-white … Continued


Style Matters—RIP Margaret Heldt, Creator of the Beehive

Before there was the Beyhive, there was the original Beehive—a vertiginous hairstyle created in the 1960s by Margaret Vinci Heldt, who died this week at the age of ninety eight. Born in Chicago, Heldt originally designed the cone-shaped tall hairstyle to fit under a fez; it first appeared on the cover of a Modern Beauty … Continued

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The Cult of Ugliness: America’s Celebrity Fashion Crisis

“Contemporary art has made a cult of ugliness,” British philosopher Roger Scruton once wrote. Looking at Hollywood award shows this season, I think the same can be said of contemporary celebrity fashion culture in America.  And it’s not just at awards shows. At last year’s gala for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, whose … Continued

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Why Kris Jenner (or any Mom) Shouldn’t Dress Like Her Daughter

Kris Jenner was recently spotted wearing a black, bondage-inspired Givenchy bodysuit paired with peep-toe, thigh-high boots—a combination that might have been considered standard style for the sultry “momager”—except that the same outfit was worn by daughter, Kim Kardashian West, several months earlier. Jenner added a black blazer to tone it down slightly, but she was … Continued


What Your Jewelry Taste Says About Your Personality

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel Earlier this spring, I argued that a woman’s selection in swimwear revealed a lot about her personal virtue, independent of the style she chose. Now that bikini season is almost over and the holiday season is looming on the horizon, it’s time … Continued


The Virtuous Woman’s Bikini Guide: One Piece Or Two?

Modern swimwear has never been better. Today’s swimsuit aisles offer an appealing selection of one- and two-pieces for every comfort level: Swimwear is so diverse today that every woman can feel sexy without feeling pressure to strip down beyond her personal comfort zone. It’s like we’re witnessing an “anti-trend” in women’s swimwear where anything goes, … Continued


Crewcut: The Virtue of the Number Two

Men going into the military. Guys whose girlfriends just dumped them. Serious actors. Monks. There are various reasons that men get crewcuts, but there seems to be a common factor: a crewcut signals transition and commitment. It means humility, curiosity, perseverance, and purpose. A crewcut means that a man has gotten serious about something, be … Continued

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One Way to Resurrect Manliness: Everyone, Dress Better!

Can men be men again? The short answer is no. And the reason is that we are not living in the same society that produced the archetype of the manly-man: sacrificing, responsible, honorable. As Harvey Mansfield pointed out in his amazing 2006 book Manliness we are currently living in a thoroughly radical, unprecedented social experiment defined as … Continued

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