Why are So Many Movies Based on Children’s Classics So Bad?

The director Steven Spielberg is a cultural juggernaut. After decades of hit movies such as Jaws, E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, Saving Private Ryan, and many more, he would seem like the perfect choice to translate a beloved children’s story to the big screen. Alas, although the anticipation surrounding Spielberg’s collaboration with Walt Disney … Continued

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The Soviet Union: It Was Just Like Us!

Tom Hanks is often compared to the late, great actor Jimmy Stewart. There are many valid reasons for this comparison. Like Stewart, Hanks is a talented, American-born actor with box-office appeal who possesses that hard-to-define “everyman” quality while on the silver screen. Also like Stewart, Mr. Hanks is that rare combination of bankable movie star … Continued

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Why We Still Love ‘Jaws’ and Still Fear Sharks

The first scene in Jaws is one of the most viscerally terrifying in cinema history. There’s no blood and guts, no quick cuts with jolting music cues. We don’t even see the great white. All we hear are poor Chrissie’s screams and John Williams’s frantic score as she’s dragged violently by the unseen horror beneath … Continued

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The Greatness of ‘Jurassic Park’

Jurassic World comes out this Friday, the fourth installment in the semi-regular Jurassic Park series. As you’d expect, at this point the franchise is a pure cash-grab. How much so? Well, this movie has been in development for at least eight years and early versions of the script featured dinosaur commandos. Dinosaur. Commandos. But don’t … Continued

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In Defense of Trophy Hunting

I’m not a hunter, but I’m tempted to become one just to stand in solidarity with people—young  women especially—who have recently become the targets themselves of vile anti-hunting hysteria. First, a 19-year-old Texas Tech cheerleader named Kendall Jones roused a firestorm of social media anger after posting on Facebook pics of her posed with her … Continued