Donald Trump and the Rise of Hate Comedy

Did you hear the one about the President of the United States having oral sex with Russian leader Vladimir Putin? It’s a knee slapper. And there’s much more like it heading our way. The only question remaining, perhaps, is a simple one: How low can modern comedians go when it comes to our current Commander … Continued


The Significance of Your #FirstSevenJobs

As far as hashtag memes go, #Firstsevenjobs and its derivatives (#first7jobs, #1st7jobs, etc.) is, to me, a fascinating one. I’m hard pressed to find another way to convey as much formative biographical information as is contained in a simple listing of one’s first seven jobs. Of course, I study career development for a living, so … Continued


We Don’t Need Lessons on Gun Control from Comedians

Last week, the nation’s most prominent comics took a collective deep breath, removed their clown noses and shared with us their deep thoughts on. . . federal gun regulations. But why? Who thinks Conan O’Brien is a firearms expert? Who expects Stephen Colbert to contribute anything new or useful to the debate? Who cares what … Continued


The Celebrity College Commencement Takeover

’Tis the season of college graduation ceremonies, and throughout the land graduating students don overpriced robes and mortarboards and submit to the wisdom of appointed elders before embarking on the next stages of life’s great journey. Or they get dating advice from a Broadway star, which Lin-Manuel Miranda of “Hamilton” recently doled out when he addressed … Continued


Ask a Grown Up—Not a Celebrity

Is there a positive side to celebrity culture, that destructive, materialistic obsession we have with famous movie and TV stars, athletes, singers, and Kardashians? As long as there has been mass media, there have been efforts to use celebrities to do some good, especially for the children. Every NFL quarterback has a foundation to help … Continued

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Comedians Finally Get the Joke about Hillary Clinton

Perhaps the most telling indicator that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is going poorly, apart from the FBI investigation into her emails, the symbolic power outages, her tanking poll numbers, and the fact that less than a third of registered voters find her “honest and trustworthy,” is the extent to which making fun of Hillary Clinton … Continued


Jon Stewart and the Importance of Satire

The past eighteen months have seen some monumental shifts in the late night television landscape. Jay Leno stepped down (again) from hosting duties at The Tonight Show and in early 2014 Jimmy Fallon brought the franchise back to New York City. When David Letterman announced that he would be retiring last year, CBS countered his … Continued

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