Marriages that Work: Celebrity Sports Edition

After a little more than four years of marriage, I find myself increasingly drawn to stories about couples who not only survive, but also thrive in wedded matrimony. I don’t want to just “be married;” I want to find ways to love and care for my wife. Typically, the world of celebrity marriages is not … Continued


Are Kids’ Sports Out of Control?

Fall is not only back-to-school season; it’s back to kids’ sports season. I’m sure I’m not the only parent who will soon be juggling practices and games for multiple kids playing multiple sports. While I try to keep our family’s costs minimal and the effort only moderate—my children play mostly in recreational leagues—balancing family, finances … Continued


What ESPN Could Learn from ‘The Great British Baking Show’

I’ve been eating a lot of sweets lately: cakes, pies, cookies. My wife bakes them, but my expanding waistline is not her fault. And I certainly won’t blame myself! So, I’ll put the blame where it rightly belongs: on an addictive TV baking competition called The Great British Baking Show. Each season of the show … Continued


Why American Sports Broadcasting Has Turned Into a Freak Show

While ESPN and the other competing sports media outlets cycle back through the single-digit baseball scores and the talking heads yell over each other about the latest in NBA free agency, sports fans might be wondering when American sports and its elite athletes went from competing in high-level games to serving as props in televised … Continued


Sports Have No Redeeming Social Value. Thank God.

It’s one of the last sacred spaces left in the Western world, so naturally people can’t leave it alone. To conservatives, it’s the last bastion of red-blooded manhood, a place to strive and bleed in honor of—well, of America. To liberals, it’s a place for social engineering, where it’s necessary to put people who don’t … Continued

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‘The Bad News Bears’ and Female Empowerment

A kick-ass female lead in a genre usually thought of as male; a desert setting; speeding and reckless driving; bad language. Mad Max: Fury Road? Nope: The Bad News Bears, which celebrates its fortieth anniversary next year. Decades before critics praised Fury Road as a groundbreaking feminist film, The Bad News Bears was celebrating a … Continued

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The Curse of the Participation Trophy

Last weekend Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison posted an Instagram photo of a pair of “participation trophies” that were awarded to his two sons—and apparently to everyone else on the team as well—by their sports league. Harrison announced firmly that he is returning the trophies because they weren’t earned. “While I am very proud of my boys … Continued

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