MTV’s Ridiculous New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys

For a network that has always either been, or striven to be, on the cutting edge of pop culture, MTV revealed itself to be remarkably out-of-touch with the zeitgeist. Apparently the youth-oriented cable channel didn’t get the memo that there is a cultural backlash against political correctness in effect, and that half the country is … Continued


Safety Pin Virtue-Signaling

Imagine the scene: On the subway, a Muslim woman wearing a hijab is sitting, minding her own business. A man approaches, full of hatred in his heart. He wants that seat; she doesn’t deserve to sit. He approaches and spews epithets and seems prepared to strike her. He feels emboldened to do so because the … Continued


‘American Idol’s Social Justice Problem

The American Idol contestant La’Porsha Renae was momentarily a favorite of feminists and parishioners of the holy secular church of social justice. In an interview, a writer on the perpetually angry feminist site Jezebel noted breathlessly if not self-contradictingly, “Talent is subjective, but La’Porsha is undeniably the biggest presence on Idol this season. She boasts … Continued