‘Birdman’ and James Bond: The Modern Male Crisis

Spoiler alert: this post is about the film Birdman. It will give away plot points and speculate about the meaning of the film, including the ending. So stop reading if you plan on seeing the movie, which you should. There has been some confusion about what Birdman is about. The basic plot is that a … Continued

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Prostitution and Reality in Recent Films

With the news of the FBI breaking up a prostitution ring around the Super Bowl, Americans are waking up to the reality of prostitution in our country—namely that it’s a lucrative black market that goes wherever there’s demand, and that a large number of prostitutes are sex-trafficked into it as children. It’s a stark contrast … Continued

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Why Britain Has Bond and America Has Bourne

In the wake of disturbing revelations from Wikileaks and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden about widespread government spying, the British public appeared to be unruffled by a controversy that sparked heated debate in the United States. Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland says “Americans are outraged to discover they are being spied on and watched. Britons give a … Continued

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Skyfall, Rosebud, and the Decline of the West

As far as the latest installment of the James Bond franchise is concerned, it seems what they say is true: twenty-third time’s a charm! The Orson Wellian-named Skyfall is a rollicking, raucous, romp of a roller-coaster ride. And other stuff lame movie reviewers get paid to say about every film ever made. The important difference … Continued


Manfall: James Bond Battles the New Wimpiness

Young people are feckless, inconclusive, and incapable of perseverance and self-reliance. Young males are especially bad–and they are excessively effeminate to boot. That’s a major takeaway from Skyfall, the new James Bond film. The film is arguably the most conservative film since 300. It doesn’t argue that there are marginal differences between the generations; it … Continued

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Bond, Music and Gender

My earliest movie theater memory–in fact, one of my earliest memories at all–is of sitting with dropped jaw, thrilled by the brassy, guitar-driven theme song that opened Dr. No, the first in what would become the longest-running film franchise in history. The Bond theme is still my favorite movie music. Dr. No was released fifty … Continued

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