Anti-Trump People Won’t Walk a Mile in New Balance Shoes

Look down at your feet. Are your athletic shoes making a political statement without you even realizing it? If you’re wearing Nike, Adidas, or Puma, no they’re not. But if you’ve got on a pair of New Balance, the answer is yes, they are. Turns out that among the major sports shoe manufacturers, only New … Continued


Flip-Flopgate at the DNC and the Decline of Formality

In the history of public service, there have been many memorable political flip-flops—Donald Trump on abortion, Hillary Clinton on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, John Kerry on almost everything. But until now, to my knowledge, a politician has never flip-flopped . . . on flip-flops. Enter Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley, who was a delegate at the recent Democratic … Continued


Damn, Daniel! Or, Why We Are All High Schoolers Now

Back in the old days (you know, before the Internet), high school kids doing silly high school things stayed in high school. No longer. Behold this week’s Internet mayfly, a high school boy from California named Daniel Lara whose friend posted a video on Twitter of Daniel in various teenage finery (including some snazzy white … Continued


Sonny Vaccaro: The ‘Sole Man’ of Round Ball

The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network—ESPN, to you—recently parted ways with Bill Simmons, one of their brightest media stars. The internal politics of that dispute aside, Simmons’ legacy at “The Worldwide Leader in Sports” network is secure if for no other reason than that he is the party responsible for the network’s 30 for 30 … Continued

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How Young Is Too Young For Heels?

Celeb watchers were alarmed when they saw Heidi Klum with her kids on the streets New York City the other day. The Project Runway star was photographed holding her daughters’ hands leaving a sushi restaurant. What’s wrong with this picture? Her ten-year-old daughter is wearing high heels that look very much like those of her supermodel mom. Leave … Continued


Macklemore and Materialism

Macklemore is not the first White hip-hop artist to become a fixture in the mainstream, but he’s probably the most socially conscious one. Not long ago I came across a link to the video for “Wings.” For the uninitiated, the song picks on the materialistic lust for the latest in Nike footwear, a force that … Continued

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