Books to Read in 2015

I love to read. More than almost any other decision, the one I made in my early 20’s to become a serious reader and consumer of information (and great works of literature) has proven to be the undergirding catalyst in whatever personal or professional success I’ve enjoyed thus far. Certainly this includes the consumption of … Continued


Why Sherlock is the Best Example of Male Friendship – Ever

“Male friendships, we’re taught, are about finding or fleeing women; they are not valuable in themselves,” my fellow Pittsburgher Brandon McGinley wrote recently. Brandon was explaining why an ad for Irish whiskey had struck such a chord, while he worried that there are so few examples of real heterosexual male attachment and friendship in the … Continued

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Pics of the Week: TV’s Tortured Virgins

This is what virginity looks like on television: TV writer Willa Paskin has a good piece over at Salon about TV’s tortured virgins: “Shame-free virginity: not currently a fictional TV offering.”  True, but what’s interesting about the three virgins she covers is how they react to the “shame” of being a virgin. Two of TV’s … Continued

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