What ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Tells Us About the Future of Sex

Blade Runner 2049 warns us of a future of artificial humans and artificial sex—but that reality has already begun. The movie premiered last weekend to great critical acclaim. And although many of the reviews focused on its vision of a dystopian future, it also offers a bleak commentary on the state of relationships and sex … Continued


Why are Feminists Equating Bad Hookup Sex with Assault?

“The system established by the prior administration has failed too many students,” Betsy DeVos told an audience at George Mason University last week. Announcing that she would be reviewing former President Obama’s guidance on Title IX and the protection of students from sexual assault on campus, the Secretary of Education noted: “Survivors, victims of a … Continued


Politics Trumps Sex at the MTV Video Music Awards

Sex isn’t as cool as it used to be. At least that’s one message one might glean from Sunday night’s surprisingly restrained MTV Video Music Awards. Miley Cyrus wasn’t twerking all over a teddy bear and Britney Spears wasn’t there to slither around half-naked with a snake or make out with Madonna as in previous … Continued


New Study Debunks ‘Friends-With-Benefits’ Relationships

Since the Sexual Revolution of the 1970s—well, probably since before then, but especially since then—humans have been trying to figure out how to separate sex from commitment. It’s an idea that’s captivated many, especially men, and has been explored in film (Friends with Benefits, No Strings Attached, When Harry Met Sally) and television (How I … Continued


How ‘The Bachelor’ Scandal is Like College Hookup Culture

It looks like there’s trouble in paradise. According to a recent report, one of the contestants on Bachelor in Paradise (which includes former cast members from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette), claims that a sexual encounter she had while taping the show was not consensual. After spending much of the day drinking, Corinne Olympios says … Continued


What Google Knows About Your Fantasy Life

When are subconscious urges just fantasies and when do they reveal something significant about our interior lives? This is the question lurking just beneath the surface of some recent studies on the way people search the Internet. In a new book, Everybody Lies, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a former data scientist at Google, uses data on Internet … Continued


Why Aren’t Married Americans Having Sex?

Why are married Americans having less sex? According to a new study from psychologists Jean Twenge, Jean M. Ryne Sherman, and Brooke Wells, the percentage of married folks who are doing something between the sheets besides sleeping and checking their phones has declined significantly in the past fifteen years. In 2000, sixty-one percent of wives … Continued


Has Gang Rape Been Popularized by Porn?

  Is it just me or does anyone else think there has been an awful lot of gang rape in the news lately? I don’t mean to make light of a horrific act, but it seems as if every day I open up the newspaper to find another case of a woman saying she has … Continued


Is Television to Blame for Record-High STD Rates?

Morality and monogamy are old school. In the modern era Millennials and Gen X’ers are expected to have more partners and be more sexually active than previous generations, all without any consequences. After all, that’s the message we get on TV and in the movies—that’s it’s only dullards and 40-Year-Old Virgins who aren’t finding hookups … Continued