Has Gang Rape Been Popularized by Porn?

  Is it just me or does anyone else think there has been an awful lot of gang rape in the news lately? I don’t mean to make light of a horrific act, but it seems as if every day I open up the newspaper to find another case of a woman saying she has … Continued


Is Television to Blame for Record-High STD Rates?

Morality and monogamy are old school. In the modern era Millennials and Gen X’ers are expected to have more partners and be more sexually active than previous generations, all without any consequences. After all, that’s the message we get on TV and in the movies—that’s it’s only dullards and 40-Year-Old Virgins who aren’t finding hookups … Continued


Don’t Let Your Kids Get Sex Advice from YouTube

From whom should kids learn about sex? If you read the New York Times, which recently tackled the subject, the answer would seem to be: online amateurs who make YouTube videos, not parents. That’s right. Hannah Witton—a British sex-ed YouTube star—avers that her amateurism is an asset rather than a deficit. “You don’t have to … Continued


Spoiler Alert: Porn Kills Your Libido

The BBC recently reported that younger and younger men are seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction—and all because of porn. Therapist Angela Gregory told reporter Simon Mundie, “More and more men in their late teens and early twenties are suffering from erectile dysfunction,” and said she “puts the blame on people becoming addicted to watching online … Continued


Less Sex and More Binge Drinking: Maybe the Kids Aren’t Alright

Of all the concerns we have about Millennials, few would have predicted “failure to launch in the bedroom” would be among them. Older generations have always had worries about their kids’ sexual activity, of course, but this may be the first time in living memory that the worry about “kids these days” is that aren’t … Continued


Tinder, Dating, and Emotional Castration

By the time I have kids who are teenagers, I expect I’ll have to have the talk. I’ll have to explain that when a couple has sex—a scenario they’ll probably need no mechanical details about, thanks to YouTube videos on smart phones swapped between second graders—it’s OK if they don’t merely enjoy themselves but actually … Continued


Megan Fox and the Dilemma of Divorce

I’m so confused. I thought actors Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox were getting divorced. But then I see that for her thirtieth birthday earlier this week, soon-to-be ex-husband Green showered Fox with gifts. According to an E! News source, “Brian spoiled Fox for her birthday with a few thoughtful presents. She is excited to … Continued


Lysistrata 2.0

The Internet and social media have been a boon for activists of all stripes. However obscure or wacky your cause, you can launch a Kickstarter or GoFundMe page to solicit support and money. You can even announce a campaign soliciting support from women who vow to refuse to have sex with any man who supports … Continued


Are We Finally Unhooking from Hook Up Culture?

Valentine’s Day is over—the chocolate is gone, the candles are burned out, and the flowers are wilting. So with all those romantic distractions out of the way, let’s talk about sex. Specifically, let’s talk about the last decade, and how Americans’ views on sex and relationships have changed over the course of the last ten … Continued