Why So Many People Drink the Kool-Aid

In her best-selling book about escaping Scientology, actress Leah Remini revealed the question she is most often asked since departing the cult: “‘How does someone like you get involved with an organization like Scientology?’ Or some people may phrase it more like ‘How the f— did you get into some crazy sh– like this?’” She … Continued


Scientology’s Hollywood Problem

How do we solve a problem like Scientology? Its founder, the late L. Ron Hubbard (who, according to Scientologists, isn’t dead but rather resides in a different context that’s too complex for us non-Scientologists to fathom) used his Hollywood know-how and derring-do to make the cult a worldwide powerhouse complete with a bevy of eager … Continued


Tom Cruise: The Greatest Movie Star of All-Time

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation comes out this weekend and with it will be another round of people beating up on Tom Cruise. They make fun of him for his religious beliefs. They knock him for making overly commercial movies. They mock him because he was one of the first people in America to have the … Continued


Five Lessons from “Going Clear”

With good reason, the average American’s documentary film consumption has exponentially grown in recent years. The advent of streaming services such as Netflix and HBO GO, and exceptional documentary series such as ESPN’s 30 for 30, have ushered in a new era of excellent options for the inquisitive viewing public. HBO Film’s latest effort, Going … Continued

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Tom Cruise and the Specter of Time

A confluence of events in my life has led to the writing of this post. First was my screening of Tom Cruise’s latest summer blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow earlier this month. Next came the episode of my friend James Poulos’ podcast (Free Radicals) in which James gave a detailed and thoughtful review of the film, including commentary … Continued

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