That Nonexistent Time When Everyone Read More Books

Julia Ingalls, writing in Salon, laments that the way we consume literature is changing, forcing us to turn to more instantly gratifying, “repackaged” literature. While she eventually praises the works that come of this new cultural shift, she writes that “[t]he reality of the 21st century is that unaccounted-for blocks of time just don’t exist … Continued


The Best Part About the Olympics

Over at Salon, we’re reminded that the Olympics were never quite as politically interesting, intriguing, and dramatic as they were in 1970s: During the Cold War, the Olympics were politics by other means. The East was convinced that athletic success proved the superiority of socialism. The West was convinced the Commies were cheating by paying … Continued

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The Daily Pop Culture Scene

The Summer of Modesty–WSJ Pin-Up-Girl glamour returns and is kind to women’s curves; bye-bye, bikini. Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade to Publish Book on Fatherhood–Page Views “A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball” is D-Wade’s memoir of childhood, growth, and fatherhood. What Pop Culture Favorites Do Academics Study Most?–Slate The intellectual allure of The … Continued

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The Daily Pop Culture Scene

Three Cheers for Our Talented Child Actors–Salon The rise of the quality child actor . . . can be traced to two general phenomena. One is that scriptwriters and directors figured out how to use child actors effectively . . . But the other is the emergence of that very parallel entertainment universe . . … Continued


Pics of the Week: TV’s Tortured Virgins

This is what virginity looks like on television: TV writer Willa Paskin has a good piece over at Salon about TV’s tortured virgins: “Shame-free virginity: not currently a fictional TV offering.”  True, but what’s interesting about the three virgins she covers is how they react to the “shame” of being a virgin. Two of TV’s … Continued

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