Thou Shalt Not Work From Home

A fascinating thing occurred last week in the ever changing world of work. The CEO of Yahoo! ordered that working from home was no longer an option for the company’s employees. Citing a greater desire for communication and collaboration, the memo from HR was positive in nature but definitive in message: work in the office … Continued


Love and a Running Experiment Gone Awry

Last year after the Summer Olympics a few of my graduate students and I were discussing Usain Bolt’s record setting 100-meter dash time of 9.63 seconds and pondering what a normal person’s time might be. After some Google searching, we concluded that fifteen seconds was a reasonable number, and, likely out of a misguided sense … Continued


Arrested Development: Too Cliché to Like?

It’s back and finally there is even an official start date: this upcoming May, streaming on Netflix. I am talking about, of course, the comeback of the critically acclaimed show Arrested Development. The show originally aired on Fox from 2003-06, and despite dismal ratings due to an extremely small fan base, in 2007 Time listed … Continued

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Can’t We Just Be Friends?

Earlier this week an amazing article appeared in the New York Times detailing a longstanding friendship between a man and a woman. Like most friendships between heterosexual men and women, it was complicated. She was in love with him almost from the jump (he was so good looking he made her nervous), he confessed his … Continued


New Year’s Resolution: Be Yourself

The new year is upon us, and most of us are considering a wide array of potential resolutions to make. Over the next week our Facebook and Twitter accounts will likely be besieged with articles by experts on the best ways to make resolutions or resolution stories that are bit off the beaten path. Certainty … Continued


The Perils of Desensitization

In 1999, I was 17 years old and a junior in high school when the shootings occurred at Columbine. I remember at the time how shocked I was by the whole incident, and in those early years of the internet being glued to the coverage about the victims and perpetrators. For weeks I was consumed … Continued

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A Few Good Men?

In the climactic scene in A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson tells Tom Cruise that he can’t handle the truth–the truth being that in the heat of battle notions of right and wrong and good and evil are different then when talking about them at a cocktail party or classroom. Two weeks ago it just … Continued

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Offensive Pictures: Ignorant or Malicious?

Over the last few months a few pictures have made their way from the misperceived safe space of social media to the national spotlight. We probably have all been the givers or receivers of the rather simple advice “don’t post anything on the Internet that you wouldn’t mind your employer seeing.”  For those of us … Continued


E-mails Gone Wrong

A few days ago an event happened that is analogous, for most of us, to scratching nails on a chalkboard. The event has to do with an infamous two-word action: “reply all.” At this point probably half of you know where this story is going. A nineteen-year-old student at NYU named Max Wiseltier got an … Continued