Pop Music Cowardice: Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”

What a shame it is that Robin Thicke, the blue-eyed soul singer, has turned out to be a coward. Thicke has a new album coming out, and to promote it he has released a single and video called “Blurred Lines” (warning: NSFW). The video features Thicke, rapper T.I., and the producer Pharrell surrounded by three … Continued

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What’s Going to Happen to Mad Men’s Sally Draper?

I’m worried about Sally Draper, the pubescent daughter of brooding Mad Man Don. As season five develops,  and we get further into the sixties, Sally is becoming a central character. She’s slowly growing up. In “At the Codfish Ball,” her palette matures from spaghetti to cod–and, more revealingly, her wardrobe matures too. When Don sees Sally … Continued

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