The Challenges of Being a Role Model

I had one of those parenting win/fail moments recently. I got up early to do my morning DVD workout in our basement. My eight-year-old son stumbled downstairs after his obligatory cereal fix and settled down on the couch to watch me go through my paces. Good, I thought between sets. He’s getting a lesson in … Continued


Chip and Joanna Gaines are Role Models, Not Bigots

Chip and Joanna Gaines are known for being the sweet and funny couple with four adorable kids making people’s dream homes come true on HGTV’s show, Fixer Upper. Or at least they were until Buzzfeed decided to drag their names through the mud with a baseless attack. The article claimed that the Gaineses might possibly … Continued


A Gentleman’s Club That Turns Boys Into Men

In a trash-talking, reality-show culture that rewards bad behavior and self-promoting arrogance, quiet gentlemen have largely become quaint rarities, charming but outmoded relics of generations past. The news today is dominated by bullying presidential candidates, and the entertainment arena is ruled by foul-mouthed superheroes; unless young boys are taught gentlemanly standards by the males in … Continued


Cam Newton and the Agony of Defeat

After an uncharacteristically lackluster showing in a loss to the Denver Broncos in last weekend’s Super Bowl, a morose Cam Newton, superstar quarterback of the Carolina Panthers, went all monosyllabic in a post-game press conference before abruptly walking out, leaving reporters hanging.   For this he was roundly criticized as a sore loser in the … Continued

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What Kind of Male Role Model Would a President Trump Be?

No one in the public eye is currently driving more media attention and polarized debate than presidential aspirant, reality TV star, and billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump. His arrogance inspires rabid admiration and visceral disgust in equal measure. Many are horrified by the prospect that, as President, the bullying Trump might prove to be … Continued

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Peyton Manning’s Perseverance

Super Bowl Sunday is less than two weeks away; the Carolina Panthers will square off against the Denver Broncos in what promises to be a memorable Super Bowl 50 on February 7th. The most remarkable aspect of this annual event won’t be the unusual commercials or over-the-top halftime show, however. It will be the fact … Continued

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Yara Shahidi and the Cult of Cool

Somewhere around the age of twelve, most girls become preoccupied, and some consumed, by one thing: Cool. What is cool? Who is cool? Is this cool? Am I cool? This courtship with Cool starts early, often extends well into college, and frequently affects much of a young girl’s decisions, behavior, and values. For girls of … Continued