Thanks For The Distorted Guevara Memories, Hollywood!

The Environmental Protection Agency recently released an internal memo on a subject integral to the yeoman’s work being done by that fine bureaucracy: “Hispanic News You Can Use!” Not quite certain what a document with such a title could possibly have to do with the EPA’s charge to “protect human health and the environment by … Continued

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Adam Carolla + Fox News = Better World

It was announced Monday that comedian and best-selling author Adam Carolla will be a regular, official, weekly Fox News contributor. And just like Mary Poppins once sang, “A spoon-full of a socially liberal atheist with libertarian economic leanings and thick eye-brows helps the limited government, free market message go down.” I’ve got a team of … Continued

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Barack Obama: Celebrity-in-Chief

This celebrity has been on The View,  The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, Oprah, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, has been on the cover of Rolling Stone, and has had exclusive interviews with Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine. Can you guess who it is? If you guessed the Commander-in-Chief, … Continued