Republicans Should Be Magnanimous …. But So Should Democrats

After such a bitter election, it’s a welcome relief to see our political leaders—particularly President-Elect Trump, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and President Obama—be magnanimous and encourage the country to come together. It’s an important message: As Americans, we are all on the same team and want what is best for the country. The election’s winners, Donald … Continued


Why Are Republicans Embracing Identity Politics?

Commenting on last week’s Democratic National Convention, Dilbert cartoonist and self-proclaimed master of persuasion Scott Adams announced that he was “fairly certain my testosterone levels dropped as I watched.” Evidently Adams thinks that when men witness a woman being nominated for president of the United States and see her gender celebrated, they feel inadequate. “[I]f … Continued


What Will Bring Democrats and Republicans Together? Nicki Minaj!

At last night’s Time 100 gala—an annual ritual of celebrity self-congratulation held in New York—one performer brought everyone together with a message of unity and civic-mindedness. Or something like that:   After performing several of her other songs, singer Nicki Minaj declared, “I’m very political,” before dedicating the song “Anaconda” to Donald Trump and Vice … Continued


Why Political Dating Apps are a Terrible Idea

It goes without saying that 2016 will be a consequential year in American history. We might elect the first female president in our nation’s history ever to be indicted for mishandling state secrets. Or, we might finally be able to look our young billionaires and reality show stars in the eye and tell them: “See, … Continued

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Why the “War on Women” Rhetoric Never Ends

Just as nothing can replace the sounds of Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole at Christmastime, for Democrats, it just isn’t campaign season without the familiar chorus charging Republicans with threatening to destroy Social Security. The 2016 cover of this classic has a slight twist: Republican calls to reform Social Security aren’t just being cast … Continued

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“True Blood” and Misogyny

When it comes to explicit sex and violence on television these days, Game of Thrones probably leaps first to mind, but it would be difficult to find a show that pushes those boundaries further than True Blood, HBO’s sex-and-gore-soaked soap opera about small-town Southern vampires. It would also be hard to find a show that … Continued

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Should Actors Be Openly Political?

In a recent interview with Playboy, actor/director Ben Affleck discussed his political support for Democrats such as Al Gore, Elizabeth Warren, and Barack Obama. “People now know me as a Democrat, and that will always be the case to some extent.” For an actor, that’s courting a problem. The interviewer pursued that point by asking … Continued

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Republicans vs. Democrats: Look Who’s Laughing More

In a recent interview with NBC’s David Gregory to commemorate his 20th anniversary of hosting The Tonight Show, “comedian” (term used loosely) Jay Leno made the claim that Republicans are able to “laugh more at themselves” than Democrats: “Democrats and Republicans are interesting because Republicans really laugh at themselves more. Like when Bush came on, … Continued

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Celebrities at the Republican Convention Actually Care About Issues

I recently finished the Keith Richards autobiography Life and was struck by how often Mr. Richards alluded to meeting some great old American country or gospel singer as an adult that he had idolized since first hearing this-or-that performer’s records as a teenager back in England.  Each time such an instance occurred in Life, Richards … Continued

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Today’s Pop Culture Scene

Pop culture meets the virtues in these interesting stories from around the web . . . The Age of Excess and the Return of TV’s Absolutely Fabulous —Vogue Defending Kim Kardashian—John Hinderaker at Power Line  The Most Visited Museum in the World—Time Christians & Conservatives Should Embrace Twilight—PJ Media The Man Who Started the Sexual Revolution—Times … Continued