Women Aren’t Nags. They Just Engage in More ‘Emotional Labor’ Than Men?

In “Women Aren’t Nags—We’re Just Fed Up,” a recent article for Harper’s Bazaar, Gemma Hartley explains wanting just “one thing for Mother’s Day: a house cleaning service.” However, her husband didn’t seem up to the task. After contacting a single cleaning service and deeming it too expensive, he decides to clean the house himself. Disappointed, … Continued


New Study Debunks ‘Friends-With-Benefits’ Relationships

Since the Sexual Revolution of the 1970s—well, probably since before then, but especially since then—humans have been trying to figure out how to separate sex from commitment. It’s an idea that’s captivated many, especially men, and has been explored in film (Friends with Benefits, No Strings Attached, When Harry Met Sally) and television (How I … Continued


Don’t Move in Together for Convenience – or Real Estate.

If you want to understand the pitfalls of living together before marriage, you don’t need to look at National Review or Christianity Today. You can consult the New York Times. Well, sort of. Last Sunday, the Real Estate section of the paper featured a story called, “What I Wish I’d Known Before Moving In Together.” … Continued


The Cohabitation Lie

About fifteen years ago, I knew a woman who wanted to get married. Okay, I knew a lot more than one. But this particular woman had been dating a guy for a couple of years. She was pushing thirty and she thought it was time for a ring, but he did not. To those of … Continued


Sorry, Millennials. Monogamy is Not a “Spectrum”

You have probably noticed there are certain activities—or “lifestyles,” if you insist—that tend to produce an excessive amount of insufferable disciples who tend to ruin social encounters by refusing to shut up about it. They are vegetarians, vegans, marathon runners, cross fitters, socialists, libertarians, Silicon Valley bros, and people who pretend to know things about … Continued


I Wanted to Love “Loving,” But Just Couldn’t

For lovers of movies, there are few things more frustrating than realizing that the hotly-anticipated film (about which critics are raving) that you’ve been eager to see turns out to be profoundly boring and underwhelming. Unfortunately, that’s the experience I had with the new civil rights drama, Loving. [arve url=”https://youtu.be/zRXuCY7tRgk”] Directed by the talented auteur … Continued


Special Snowflake Insists World Create New Word for “Boyfriend”

As if another example of our culture’s narcissism were needed, twenty-something writer Elizabeth Sherman has taken to the pages of The Washington Post to complain that she doesn’t have a term for her boyfriend. Why? Because according to her, the word “boyfriend” isn’t good enough, and society hasn’t provided a new, better one yet. “Cory … Continued


Drake, Rihanna, and the Curse of the Celebrity Couple Tattoo

Hollywood’s on-again-off-again “it” couple, Rihanna and Drake, have apparently gotten matching tattoos. New celebrity couples sealing the deal with a tattoo is hardly new; rather, it seems like the expected romantic course of action is as follows: (1) Be seen in public and stir up a media frenzy, followed by (2), get some sort of … Continued


#ThisCatholicGirl and the Need for Emotional Chastity

Earlier this week, the world of Catholic Twitter went up in flames when one of its star members was revealed to be a fake. For those unaware of #ThisCatholicGirl-gate, Chase Padusniak, like many a social media-savvy Catholic, developed a “Twitter-Relationship”, as it were, with (who he thought was) a cute Catholic college student who broadcast … Continued