Dr. Dre: Violent Man, Mediocre Talent

In November 1990, Dr. Dre picked up hip-hop journalist Dee Barnes and began slamming her face against a wall. After unsuccessfully trying to throw her down a flight of stairs, he pursued her into a bathroom where he held her to the ground, grabbed her by the hair, and began punching her head from behind—all … Continued

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P. Diddy Is the Saddest Rap Star Ever

So P. Diddy, née Puff Daddy (née Puffy, née Sean Combs) has been arrested. Not for toting gats where the true players are at. Not for selling more powder than Johnson & Johnson. Not even for running all up in the club and sipping Bacardi (or Cîroc) in an egregious manner, when it was not, in fact, … Continued

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Same old Kanye on Yeezus

I don’t pay attention to song lyrics. I get captivated by the finesse of artists like Kanye who have the ability to jump from a poignant orchestral prelude to an almost overwhelming rush of horns, drums, and synthesizer as he showed in “All of the Lights” from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. “Glorious” is how … Continued

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Kanye West: Is Profanity Acceptable in Pop Music?

Over the weekend, Kanye West took to Twitter to have a philosophical conversation about whether it is ever acceptable to use the word “bitch” and “nigger” in music or conversation. “I usually never tweet questions but I struggle with this so here goes… Is the word BITCH acceptable?,” he wrote on Twitter (h/t The Atlantic Wire). … Continued

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The Daily Pop Culture Scene

Our Nostalgia for Old Hollywood—Washington Post Stay in Washington, Wayward Professor—Mark Judge Is Anyone Still Watching Grey’s Anatomy?—Huffington Post We Are More Than Just a Sum of Our Biological Parts—Roger Scruton Rap Is At Center of Protests in Arab World, Africa—NYT Real Housewives: Fascinating and Important TV—The Daily Beast The Help‘s Octavia Spencer: “Women Would Be … Continued