In Defense of Bourgeois Culture—and Professor Amy Wax

Reading Amy Wax’s CV is a profoundly humbling experience. Wax graduated summa cum laude from Yale College with a degree in molecular biophysics and biochemistry. Then she did a Marshall Scholarship at Oxford before earning a medical degree from Harvard. She also gained admission to Harvard Law School, and ultimately received her J.D. from Columbia, … Continued


ESPN Virtue-Signals Its Way to Well-Deserved Ridicule

Many people rejoiced when Barack Obama won the 2008 election. Many declared we were in a post-racial America. It didn’t take long before we realized that was all a myth. Racial divisions still run deep in the United States and Barack Obama didn’t help heal them. As much as he seemed to present himself as … Continued


Why Social Justice Warriors Think It’s OK to Be Racist Towards Asians

It happens all too often to Americans of Asian ancestry. They are walking home on a crowded street, and someone bumps into them and shouts, “Go back to China!” When it happened last year to Michael Luo, a New York Times journalist, he started the hashtag #ThisIs2016, and Asian-Americans shared their stories. It happened to … Continued


What a Racist Chinese Ad Can Teach Us About Being American

On May 26, Donald Trump earned the delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination. That same day, Shanghaiist reported on a controversial Chinese ad that would later go viral in the West and be labeled “the most racist ad ever.” What do these two news events happening halfway across the world have to do with … Continued


Blake Lively Isn’t Racist. She’s Vain.

You know a country’s lost its mind when people wail about a wrong that was not committed and ignore entirely a wrong that was. That’s exactly what happened last week when actress Blake Lively was mercilessly skewered on social media. The always lovely Lively took to Instagram to post a split shot of herself posing … Continued


Gap Ad ‘Controversy’: When Social Justice Warriors Cry Wolf

Advertising has become Ground Zero in the culture wars. Companies aren’t just out to sell their products; they are out to make a statement. Two years ago a General Mills commercial for Cheerios featured gay dads and their adopted child of another race. The spot earned the cereal company millions in free media, with coverage … Continued


Hollywood Plays “Who’s the Biggest Victim?” Game

Actress Julie Delpy should have known she was doomed to defeat in her artless attempt to displace African-Americans as bigger victims of discrimination in Hollywood. Given the highly publicized outrage about the upcoming Oscar’s lack of non-white nominees, Delpy’s comments that “sometimes I wish I were African American,” and “nothing worse than being a woman … Continued


Are the Academy Awards Racist?

With robots set to take over our jobs, the threat of further race riots in the streets of American cities, and ISIS expanding its caliphate in the most volatile regions of the world, the moral heroes in Hollywood are taking to Instagram to vent their anger at faceless, nameless Oscar voters who have perpetrated an … Continued

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Does Quentin Tarantino Hate Women and Minorities?

It must be nice to have the time to jump on board every “controversy” surrounding any movie that doesn’t completely affirm your personal worldview. From Quentin Tarantino’s new film “The Hateful Eight” had its detractors before it was even released. Many filmgoers and critics took issue with his commitment to the copious use of the N-word in his … Continued

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