Trump’s Latest Victims: Adjunct Professors?

You know the myth that poverty causes radicalism? Liberals often trot it out when discussing Islamic terrorists: They kill because they’re poor and desperate and Western countries have made them that way. Never mind that the 9/11 hijackers were college educated and middle class. Or that according to one recent British study “youth, wealth, and … Continued


The Hypocrisy of Tenured Radicals

Who is to blame for the sorry state of higher education? There is no shortage of answers to this question. But the Chronicle of Higher Education, the trade publication of professional academics, is probably not the place to look for them. So it was a little surprising when, a couple of weeks ago, the editors … Continued


Would You Take Gender Studies With Prof. Angelina Jolie?

There are many things about life on Earth in 2016 that would have seemed utterly implausible if someone had described them to you just five years ago: Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president and he might even win. Also, he recently fielded a question about a dead gorilla. Justin Bieber is still a … Continued


Are Religious Kids Really Less Altruistic?

Jean Decety, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Chicago, doesn’t have a very active Twitter account, but he does tweet links to studies, articles, and think pieces on children and religion, which, given his academic focus, seems appropriate. On August 20th, for example, he tweeted an article about the “Influence of … Continued


“Higher Ed for Bernie” Means Less Tolerance for Students

Recently, approximately four hundred members of academia publicly declared their support for Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, forming a group called Higher Ed for Bernie. These professors argue that Sanders is the only candidate on either side of the aisle that has a serious proposal for higher education. As a college student I am … Continued

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On Teaching “Kids These Days”

In the Spring of 2014 I taught a course for the first time called “What is the Good Life?”. Several years ago my university decided this would be a mandatory course for all new students, and the majority of my 230 person class was just beginning college. The course is designed to introduce students to … Continued


Why Are Teachers Giving Up on Essays?

Rebecca Schuman, an adjunct professor at the Pierre Laclede Honors College of the University of Missouri – St. Louis, provides a litany of reasons why professors at undergraduate universities should stop assigning essays.  The theme that overarches them all, she explains, is that “students hate writing them,” and “instructors hate grading them.” Professor Schuman teaches … Continued