Are ‘Wrongful Birth’ Lawsuits the Future of Pregnancy?

On the cover of New York magazine this month is an eye-popping headline: “The Son I Adore Is The Son I Shouldn’t Have Had.” The accompanying photo features a gorgeous blue-eyed toddler, looking over his mother’s shoulder straight into the camera. What kind of mother could possibly write such a piece and what could be … Continued


Telling Women Not to Drink During Pregnancy is Now Considered Sexist

In a world where free tampons are placed in men’s bathrooms in the name of “menstrual equality,” perhaps it is hardly surprising that a group of academics would conclude that telling women not to drink while pregnant is sexist. At a conference last week, according to the Daily Telegraph, Dr. Ellie Lee, Director of the … Continued


Can We Cool It With the Pregnancy Reveal Announcements?

It has long been said that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. But when you do have something nice to say, there are sometimes better and worse ways to say it. Say, for example, you have one of the nicest things of all to tell – that you’re … Continued


Dads, Here’s What to Expect When Your Wife is Expecting

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, my lovely wife gave birth to our first child—a girl—whom we named Evelyn Inez Moeller. On the heels of a miscarriage last winter and nine eventful (albeit healthy) months of pregnancy this time around, to say that we were excited to welcome Little Evie into the world would be quite … Continued


Janet Jackson’s Pregnancy: Is 50 Too Old To Have a Baby?

People magazine confirmed what once would have been incredible news: a fifty-year-old singer (in this case, Janet Jackson) is pregnant with her first child. Not included in the glowing piece on the new mother, however, is any mention of what must have been the medical interventions undertaken to accomplish a nearly-impossible feat. In a piece … Continued


Pregnancy Can Be Hard—and Other Shocking Life Lessons

Avra Siegel, formerly Deputy Director of the White House’s Office of Women and Girls, has a scoop that’s garnered a lot of social media attention: Pregnancy entails unpleasant physical side effects that can make working hard. Really, she wants you to know, there’s this horrible thing called “morning sickness” but in fact it can make … Continued


The Politicization of Childbirth

At thirty-seven-weeks pregnant with my first child I did something almost unthinkable to my obstetrician (OB): I decided to switch care providers to a midwife practice that delivers out of a local hospital. After nine months and dozens of appointments with doctors, I rolled the dice, not because I had an overwhelming faith in my … Continued


Facts, Not Emotional Anecdotes, Should Drive Paid Leave Debate

Everyone writing about public policy issues knows that personal examples are more persuasive than dry numbers and broad talk about economic impacts. Yet there’s a real danger to allowing these personal stories to dominate conversations about policy. After all, stories pack a powerful emotional punch, but they tend to leave out and even obscure the … Continued

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Chrissy Teigen, Eugenicist

Betcha thought Chrissy Teigen was the cutest little pregnant lady, didn’t you? I did. I love seeing pregnant women who look cute and glowy and still manage to glam it up while with child, even though they no doubt feel like distant cousins of the Great Blue Whale. When Teigen and husband John Legend announced … Continued

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