Does Money Buy Happiness?

Forget what your mother told you. Money really DOES buy happiness. That is the conclusion researchers have found in a new study sponsored by the Brookings Institute. Not surprisingly, this has blown up in the blogosphere since The Atlantic reported it on April 29. The study, which tracked income level against reported life satisfaction, showed … Continued


How Virtual Superpowers Foster Real-World Humanitarianism

From to obscure academic journals, it is hard these days to avoid discourse on the effect that playing violent video games harms individuals, especially children. Research that looks at trends across numerous studies–known as a meta-analysis–has generally found that  across genders, playing violent video games can lead to increased aggressive behavior and decreased prosocial … Continued

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Dealing With the Post-Breakup Blues

You’ve probably heard the news that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez split up. While teenage girls everywhere were probably delighted to learn of this development, one thing is for sure: Bieber and Gomez, the erstwhile young lovers, are now coping with post-breakup life. Breaking up is hard–especially when you’re young and especially when you’re in … Continued


The Unbearable Grimness of TV and Film Today

I was beginning to think that I had an unusually low threshold for watching violent and gruesome scenes on TV and in film, until I came across this recap of the latest episode of Breaking Bad in Rolling Stone, a publication not exactly known for its cultural squeamishness: “Gliding Over All,” last night’s “half-season” finale of Breaking … Continued

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