Why Aren’t There More Female Politicians?

In a country that began with actual “Founding Fathers,” it’s easy to buy into the mantra that the patriarchy is a dominant force in American society and thus needs to be minimized. Many feminists now believe women have been oppressed for too long, and it’s time for them to fight back. Consider a recent tweet … Continued


Stop Trolling Politicians at Town Hall Meetings

Most Americans, particularly those in suburban and metropolitan areas, may not know where their town hall is, or even if their town has one. But lately everyone, it seems, is ready to attend a town hall meeting. Town hall meeting is the it phrase of 2017. In some cases, thousands of people beyond capacity are … Continued


Hillary: The Candidate Who Cried Misogyny

Hillary Clinton is having a bad month of September. The FBI summary of its interview with the former Secretary of State regarding her secretive email practices was not flattering, and her appearance at an NBC presidential forum was underwhelming. Then, on Sunday, after dismissing concerns about her health as “conspiracy theories,” Clinton nearly collapsed at … Continued


The Return of Carlos Danger

You would think that if you had become the culture’s de facto example of poor social media choices, that you would quietly remove yourself from platforms such as Snapchat and Twitter. Not Anthony Weiner! The disgraced former Democratic congressman from New York and star of a recent and deeply embarrassing documentary decided to use his down time during … Continued


A Brief History of Rock Stars Complaining About Politicians Using Their Songs

With last night’s fog-heavy entrance on stage at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Donald Trump introduced that night’s keynote speaker (his wife, Melania) and seriously annoyed aging rock group Queen. Trump entered the stage to the sound of Queen’s well-known anthem, “We are the Champions,” and the surviving members of the band, particularly guitarist … Continued


Does Character Matter Anymore in Politics?

The 2016 presidential election seems headed toward a showdown between the two least-liked presidential candidates since American voters have been polled on the question—and with good reason. One is a vindictive, politically ruthless, unrepentant liar; the other is an egomaniacal, boorish, bullying braggart. Neither one even bothers to pay lip service to the values of … Continued


Beautiful Politician Explains Quantum Computing; Internet Goes Wild

Here in the United States, Americans are slogging through what feels like an endless presidential election season, listening to candidates insult each other’s wives and rail against capitalism. Surreal is the new normal. But not all political cultures resemble reality television shows. Consider this guy:   That’s Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a press … Continued


What Trump’s Insults Tell Us About American Democracy

How would you like some Trump Steaks? They’re delicious, according to Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. Trump devoted much of a press conference celebrating his victories in the Mississippi and Michigan Republican primaries to defending various Trump products, including Trump Water, Trump Magazine, and, of course, Trump Steaks (none of which still exist, by the … Continued

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